Graphics contest/GIVEAWAY!



November 9 is coming out in just a few weeks (Okay, like 14, but that’s really not very far away!)

I’m posting a few quotes from the book below and leaving it up to you guys to make some cool graphics that I can share online! If your graphic is chosen, you will win a signed copy of November 9, plus a $25 gift card to Amazon or iTunes! I’ll be choosing two or more winners every week until the book releases in November!

To enter, just make a graphic using one of the quotes provided, then post it on Instagram or Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag #November9 and #ColleenHoover so I’ll find your graphics when I do my daily hashtag search! You can also tag me on FB or post the graphic to my author page, but FB sometimes hides stuff there. If you don’t use instagram or twitter, you can always email me the graphics to to make sure I get them. And as always, this contest is open to international entries!

Here are some quotes to choose from! Ready, set, go! :D

1) “You can’t leave yet. I’m not finished falling in love with you.”


2) “You’ll never be able to find yourself if you’re lost in someone else.”


3) “If we’re going to kiss, it has to be book-worthy.”


4) “How the hell am I supposed to say goodbye to her tonight, knowing I’ll never talk to her again?”


5) “I thought I was stronger than a word, but I just discovered that having to say goodbye to you is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”


6) “It’s easy to fall in love, Ben. The hard part comes when you want out.”


7) “His mouth, coupled with the way his hand is sliding down my arm, is all too much. So much. Good much. So good. I just whimpered.”


8) “Why do you look like you’re in pain?” she asks.

“Because keeping my mouth off you hurts like hell.”


9) “I missed you,” he says. “A lot. And screw it if I’m not supposed to admit that, but I tried the whole alpha-male thing for two seconds and I just can’t do it. So you don’t get alpha-Ben today. I’m sorry.”


10) “Fallon, I’m worked up so damn tight. I’m going to kiss you now and I’m not sorry.”


11) “Do you even have a job, Ben? I can’t believe I don’t know that about you. I let you fondle my breasts and I don’t even know what you do for a living.”


12) “If she’s not careful, I might just fall in love with her. Tonight.”


13) “I don’t want to be your first, Fallon. I want to be your last.”


14) “When you find love, you take it. You grab it with both hands and you do everything in your power not to let it go. You can’t just walk away from it and expect it to linger until you’re ready for it.”


15) “I would never have let anyone else borrow my heart if I knew there was a chance in hell you might want it back.”


16) “I think about you every second of every day and I don’t know how to get over you,” she says.

“Don’t,” I beg her. “Please don’t get over me.”

17) “You left with my soul in your fists and my heart in your teeth, and I don’t want either of them back.” ~Ben

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