38 thoughts on “The Bookworm Box

  1. I had just finish reading your first book Slammed (just an hour ago), and I fell in love with your book. It made crave to hunt all your books. May the force be with me.Gunther here from Philippines.

  2. I love all ur books but honestly Too Late is a bit too harsh for me. Asa is bad but Sloan chose to b with him for her own reasons, she shouldnt take her hatred cruelly at the end of book …. she did have a roof above her head and food for her tummy …

    My heart goes to Asa this time …

  3. Just read November 9 in 3 days. In love, never read anything like this. Already planning on reading all of your books! Keep Writing!

  4. I had read it ends with us and finnished reading slammed just right now and I’ve realized a moment ago that you are already my favorite author 😍😍😍

  5. I asked for November 9 as 1 of my wishlist in our office’s exchange gift. I read it overnight and I just I got hooked. Im inlove with Ben! Continue writting! God bless you!

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