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  1. I have read the Slammed series & both Hopeless Books, Couldn’t put my nook down. I enjoyed them all. Is maybe someday a stand alone book or is that in a series? I don’t want to miss any. I love your writing. Thank You !! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello!!!

    Will your books be available in Spanish anytime soon? I’ve seen Hopeless in the bookstore, but I haven’t seen any of your other series. In Spain, It’s difficult to get any book in original language or it’s really expensive.
    I want to buy your books in paper, because I love them. I really enjoyed them. I don’t know which it’s better: to buy them in English or buy them in Spanish (if they will be translated). That’s why I want to know if the books will be translated in anytime soon. Then I could decide to wait of to buy. T___T

    Thanks for everything. ❀
    (I'm so sorry if I made any mistake, because of my English level).

  3. My dearest Colleen, I love reading your books!! You have an amazing talent!! I’m truly inspired by you. I just finished reading Finding Cinerella & was woundering if their will be another book. It can’t end like that…I need more & I’m
    Sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’m sorry I don’t mean to put so much pressure on you. Thanks again for all of the amazing books!!!

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