2016 Schedule



August 2nd, 2016 Boston, MA

August 3rd, 2016 Madison, NJ

August 4th, 2016 New York, NY

August 5th, 2016 Cincinnati, OH

August 6th, 2016 Chicago, IL

August 7th, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

August 8th, 2016 Phoenix, AZ

August 9th, 2016 Houston, TX

August 10th, 2016 Dallas, TX

August 12th, 2016 The Bookworm Box, TBA

September-Germany and France, TBA

For a list of other book signings/appearances, please visit Colleen Hoover’s author page at Simon & Schuster.

238 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. It would be so amazing to meet you in Edmonton! Read all of your books and still making my way to owning them all. Every book murders my heart.

  2. I feel like you need to visit Canada (Toronto)! Plus, since you like our Prime Minister, maybe you’ll bump into him😉

  3. I’ve recently been I introduced to your books and of course I’ve been sucked right into them to a point where I cannot set them down. I’ve ordered 4 more, which I’ve been anxious to receive. “It ends with us” was a tear jerker for me. Being able to relate to the story on so many levels made the story that much better, especially when you can look back on it and know you did what was right at that particular time. I must say this is a “must read” for anyone who’s looking for a new author. Colleen your an amazing woman. Thank you for your amazing talent. So many of us appreciate your books, and we all anticipate you to continue writing more to come.

  4. OMG PLEASE DON’T STOP WRITING! EVER!!! My daughter & I met u in Houston & r just in awe of ur talent! We OWN every book which u so graciously signed when we met u! My daughter has all her friends buying your books (she’s a print book girl & does not share ;-))!!! I finally got a Bookworm Box the other day! Life is good! If I had been a super-stalker, I would’ve known that ur hubs & sons were the guys we saw at B&N in Houston & probably would have spent the time waiting in line telling them how amazing we think u r!!!! Since the book signing, I have started to follow u & think u have such a gr8 sense of humor! So, please, please, please keep writing!!!

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