SIGNED copies up for sale, along with book plates!

I have a very limited number of signed copies of It Ends With Us up in the online store for sale. We ship internationally, but that’s a lot of shipping costs. To offset that, I’ve also put up an option for international readers to purchase signed book plates.

While you’re there, check out these shirts inspired by It Ends With Us!



Thank you

  1. Slammed
  2. Point of Retreat
  3. This Girl
  4. Hopeless
  5. Losing Hope
  6. Finding Cinderella
  7. Maybe Someday
  8. Ugly Love
  9. Confess
  10. November 9
  11. Never Never
  12. Never Never 2
  13. Never Never 3
  14. Too Late
  15. It Ends With Us.
  16. Oh yeah. I forgot Maybe Not. 😛


I’ve been through sixteen releases.

This is by far the most special. All the messages, emails and posts. I can’t thank you guys enough. I just cry at the most random times and it’s weird and there’s tears and UGH!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.