You can find and enter random giveaways on Colleen’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. Also at The Bookworm Box on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Winners are chosen at random.

If you are a winner, please send an email to and include the following information: your address, the day you won, the item you won, your shirt size (if applicable), and to whom you would likepae the book made out (if applicable).

ARCs not included except where specified.


January 4, 2016- Winner of Slammed Series



*Prizes may vary depending on availability.

466 thoughts on “Giveaways

  1. Hello Colleen, I’m a super fan of all your books, it’s a pity that in my country they do not sell them … kisses and happy new year from Dominican Republic

  2. Hi, Colleen. Have you announced the winners for your Slammed series giveaway somewhere else? Did I miss it? Or you really haven’t chosen winners yet? I’m praying to get picked because I really live the Slammed series. All I ever had were digital copies of your books and I would love love love to get hold of real books especially if they are yours and SIGNED. I love you, Colleen! And I swear, when the right time comes, when my daughters are grown, I’m going to introduce them to your works of art. I will make sure that they will be handed down whatever CoHo book I am going to own in the near future. You never fail to inspire each one of us CoHorts. Keep safe. We don’t wanna lose a woman with such talent and soul and heart.

  3. Hi Colleen!

    I know you’re used to so many people telling you how fantastic you are, but I figured that it really wouldn’t hurt to have one more, right?

    Anyway, you friggin rock. Like you are hands down my favorite author, ever. I tell everyone about you. I don’t just tell them about you, I literally shove you in their face. “Oh, you haven’t heard of her? Here is her page, look it up, buy the books, read them and then we can discuss.”

    I’ve read every single one of your books. Twice.

    So, I know you’re really busy and all being you, which is fabulous, but I certainly wouldn’t be upset if you wanted to release, say like, four or five books this year. Or more. Whatever works really. I mean one can dream right?

    Much love from a small town in Pennsylvania! ❤

      1. I think it’s because they have already deleted the list of winners for 2016, and so far, the only winner they’ve announced for a 2017 giveaway was the one listed above.

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