137 thoughts on “Books and stuff

  1. i think you are one of the most one of the most wonderful writer, you change the world of a person only with your words. i’m so proud of you. never stop swimming. love you, thanks. and i want to tell everybody to read the books of Colleen, because everything is better here, in the world of Colleen Hoover books.

  2. Your books are amazing, the way you write is just terrific. When I read your books I fall in love with the characters and I get so addicted to your writing and I feel so much emotions.Everytime I finish your books I be so happy and sad. I feel Happy because how great the book was but sad because it ended.You are definitley one of my Favorite Authors! Please keep writing wonderful books!!!

  3. I have read everything you wrote. All fifteen books that were published. Those books were now my favorite. And like Atlas to Lily, you are now my favorite person. So I wish you more success and more books to publish.

    Sending you hugs from Manila, Philippines. Hope you could come back here.😉

  4. I cannot wait for the next release of your book. I loved it ends with us… a lot of meaningful words and very healing to read. Your books have helped me through the roughest & toughest times in life. I could even say that reading your books have saved my life.. literally. I love you for that.

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