146 thoughts on “Books and stuff

  1. Every time I finish one of your books it becomes one of my favorites. I just finished It Ends With Us and I’m speechless. Usually after I finish a book I pick a new one up and start again. This time I have to take a breather. It Ends With Us is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing this story and I look forward to the next.

  2. I cannot wait for Too Late to be sold in paperback! I have almost all of your books, and I started reading Too Late on Wattpad but it’s no longer on there. 😞

  3. I hate to bother you… But I have been wracking my brain to find the extra scene I know I read SOMEWHERE from Maybe Someday.
    It’s Maggie and she’s met a dr. On a daredevil trip… Please tell me where I read that or how I can find it again!!! My memory had failed me ….. AGAIN.

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