127 thoughts on “Books and stuff

  1. Colleen, I read your books, even the one you wrote on wattpad. Sloan and Carter/Luke ♥ anyways, I’m looking forward for the new book. Keep writing.

    P.S. I’m a literature student and you and your books are my inspiration.

  2. I just read Maybe Someday and absolutely loved it. Will there be a full story for Maggie? That epilogue got me hooked!

  3. Hi Coleen, I’m a South African – and our local Library has only ONE of your books!!!
    Big FOMO going on here. I’ve only read Maybe Someday and now, needles to say, I’m an addict.
    Cannot wait to read ALL of them.

  4. Hi Colleen! My name is Fernanda and I’m from Argentina. I had read “Ugly love”, “Hopeless”, “Loosing Hope” and last night I finished “Confess”…I loved them so so so much! I wish “Confess” had a second part… Today I began “Maybe SomeDay”. Let’s we see what happened! Even I doubt I am not going to love it too!! Thanks for all!!:)

  5. Hi Ms hoover.
    Just finished reading IT ENDS WITH US and Im still sobbing and emotionally wrecked. Thank you for writing the book. Thank you for the ending of the book. Thank you for being realistic and honest about the story. You are exceptional writer! Thank u!

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