Maybe Someday on audible

Maybe Someday on itunes


Hopeless –

Slammed –


Point of Retreat –


This Girl –

Losing Hope –


33 thoughts on “AUDIOBOOKS

  1. So the Maybe Someday audio is pretty good… it would have been super cool if the music could have been played in the audio version instead of listening to someone saying the lyrics. That was kinda odd. And whispersync would be nice, too. I can haz pleeze? Really dig Zachary Webber’s voice as Ridge. He did an awesome job!!!

  2. I have listened to maybe someday audiobook and I loved it! I like zachary and angela’s narration. The best narration of all colleen hoover’s audiobooks. its indeed a must have.

  3. YEAH so I’m in the beginning of Maybe Someday and I really want to know when to listen to the songs that go along with the book. It could very well be described within the book when to listen, but I’m listening to the audiobook and am not very sure. Thanks!!!!

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