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345 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Colleen Hoover you are the best writerEVER!! But I have a question about the book hopeless what did hope(sky) father did to her which was so bad ??

  2. Thank you so much for telling the stories you do, even the ones you don’t intend for us to ever read. I just finished Too Late and love this one too. Thanks again!

  3. Dear Colleen,

    First I wish to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading many of your books. Your Slammed and Maybe books are some of my favourites, and actually, were some of the books that got me back to reading for enjoyment after studying and then doing research for many years.
    You said once that you listened to a song; The Avett Brothers, Head Full of Doubt, I think it was. You explained that this inspired you to just go for it and write your first book. Reading how this song inspired you actually prompted me to start writing again. I thank you for that inspiration. I respect and admire your writing.
    However, today I want to tell you a story. One that has perhaps, shaped who I am as a person and has impacted on how I have understood and received your recent book It Ends With Us. I read this book as a new release and struggled to review it, as is my usual habit on completion of a book. I needed to give it some room to percolate and settle before I formed opinions. It made me feel so much, but sad and disappointed were the strongest emotions I recognized. Then I started to see all these reviews, and I was so shocked to see readers saying how much they were ‘in love’ with the main male character and how much they wanted a different ending, or were upset with the heroine for her decision. It made me feel very upset. Today I notice that Goodreads has awarded this book as the Romance Book of the Year, and again I feel very upset by this. Not that you have won the award, because you deserve every accolade as an author, but that this book is deemed by readers as a ‘romance’. It makes me positively nauseas.
    You see, Colleen, I am the Granddaughter of a violent and abusive man; a man who terrorized his family for all of his life. , On his death bed he found God, and begged forgiveness for all of his sins. He was wealthy and well respected in his community and when he married my grandmother, who was by all accounts a beauty, he inherited all of her worth and property, because women in Australia at that time could not hold title on farming property. She was trapped financially, and although she tried many times, she could never get away from him. My beautiful, darling dad took the brunt of much of his physical abuse throughout his young life, before his maternal Grandfather removed him from the home and sent him away to boarding school. My dad didn’t grow up to be an abuser though, he grew up to be the kindest, most loving man you could every meet. I have only learned of much of the true horror of his history since my dad passed away, but on his death bed he cried about how much his father hurt him and told me terrible stories about living in his father’s home. He was afraid, at 67 years of age, that he would have to see his father again when he died. He was fearful that God had forgiven his father, and he would be waiting for him.
    Your family made the choice to leave, and perhaps that is why you were able to find a romantic and heroic side to your Hero. My family stayed. The abuse didn’t continue through the generations but the scars of the abuse have affected every one of us. I have recently spent a harrowing afternoon listening to my dad’s brothers accounts of growing up in that home after my dad left. My Grandfather died almost twenty years ago, but I hate him as much now as I did as a child, he was never a hero. This is why I can feel nothing but disappointment, that a book about a violent abuser is lauded as a Romance when really it should be filed right next to Mary Shelley, in horror.
    I will always read and love your books, but this one, I just can’t.

    Yours sincerely,


    1. I can see your point, but I think the romance aspect of the novel is primarily between Lily and Atlas. While there is a romance storyline between Lily and Ryle, I don’t think that’s what the focus is on in terms of a romantic genre. Not to mention, the story emphasizes how situations aren’t always black and white. Lily learns this when the person SHE loved became the abuser, and her emotions were torn between loving her husband and hating him. The novel also depicts how sometimes an incident can trigger this abusive behavior (Ryle’s shooting of his brother) or that unfortunately people just do these despicable acts (Lily’s father). I believe the novel is meant to highlight that every situation is different, and again it’s not always black and white. Colleen attempts to explain this in the notes from the author at the end of the novel.

  4. Hi Colleen!!! I just read November 9 and it is easily the best book I’ve ever read!!! I can’t wait to read the rest of your books !!

  5. Hi ! u are different colleen hoover . I know u must have been told so a lot but am just surprised by how deep a person can be. I ‘ve never actually been into reading into novels until I read urs yet iregret reading them for..things ! But u are my fav anyway! May you always be deep as you are

  6. Hey,
    I am sure u get lots of messages everyday from many people saying the same thing. We let me say it again. I love all ur books. I have read each and everyone of them. And I love it. They are so deep and makes u think. It’s not like ur everyday love story. And I love the way you build ur characters. Making them so really.
    I am from Australia. And I love ur books.
    I just really wanted to hear from u.

    Thanks a lot. Please please continue writing. That’s sometimes the only thing that’s making my day.


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