For questions, interview requests, appearance requests, and any other related inquiries that require a timely response, please email Fan mail sent to this address will not be read by Colleen.

If you’d like to send a personal message directly to Colleen about her work, you can email her at and she will do her very best to get back to you when she can. Please note that due to volume and Colleen’s horrible time management skills, not all emails are answered. 

Please do not send your email to both email addresses.

She also thinks her post office has the best postal workers in the whole wide world, so let’s help keep them in business by sending her snail mail if you prefer.

PO Box 1400
Sulphur Springs, TX

For foreign or film rights information, please visit Dystel & Goderich Literary Management at


330 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hii!
    I am an Indian resident and I am highly anticipating the paperback release of ‘It ends with us’!

    But unfortunately it gets released on 2nd August only in USA, UK, AUS, NZ.

    It will be very kind of you if you could tell when will the paperback version of ‘It ends with us’ get released in India?

    Thank You!!

  2. Absolutely loving “It Ends with Us” so far! I was very excited to see it on the shelves on Saturday! Thank you for you amazing stories, and please don’t stop!

  3. Does anyone know a trick to ordering tickets to a book signing? I have been trying to buy them for the LA visit tomorrow and it won’t get me to the site. Should I just show up??

  4. I read all of your books and I want to say I don’t like it but I LOVE IT!!! My two most favourites books are Ugly Love and It Ends With Us. While I was reading your books I can feel the characters emotion that’s what makes me love your book it makes me feel that my life is on the books.

  5. So I got my bookworm box in and I was literally going nuts over the fact that I got a signed copy of It ends with us!!! But then when I was done fangirling (if that’s a word) I came to the realization that I already own a copy that I preordered from Amazon!!! So then I started thinking maybe there is someone that is a very big lover of books and miss Hoover that wants it! I’m willing to send it to anyone of your choosing Colleen….

    1. I wish I could get the copy of signed IEWU but I just requested/begged Colleen for one of November 9. I hope she feels generous and sends me. But if by any chance you want to give it to any one please contact me…if there is a chance I can get it. Thanks 😊

  6. Hello,

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    Cary Bergeron –

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