I am in book love with you, Mud Vein.


It’s not often I talk about a book that isn’t one of mine here on this blog.  In fact, I think I’ve only done it a couple of times.  Once with The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay and another with all of Tammara Webber’s books.

There are a lot of reasons I don’t promote books through my blog and the main one is that I don’t want this blog to become a commercial or an advertisement. I want it to be a place people come to learn about my books and find answers to their questions.  Therefore, I save my Facebook author page for the promotion of books I love by other authors.

But sometimes there are books that make me hate the people who wrote them on a tiny, tiny level.  Jealousy is human nature and the last I checked…I am a human.  I don’t get jealous often, but the one thing that makes me jealous is when I read books that are written so incredibly different than anything else I’ve ever read.  When I can’t put the book down because my gut hurts and my heart hurts and in my head I’m screaming, “Damn you ‘author name here’!  Why couldn’t I have thought of this?”

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this jealousy to the extent I experienced it while reading Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher.  A lot of you have seen my posts.  The evil queen Tarryn sent me this book chapter by chapter as it was being written.  It was so painful to know I was only going to read a chapter, yet I still devoured those chapters as if they were laced in Diet Pepsi.

This book is unlike anything else I’ve read.  Is it a romance?  A drama?  A suspense novel?  I have no clue.  I feel like there isn’t a single category or genre this book would fit in, because it encompasses everything.  I feel like Tarryn poured so much heart and soul into this book, that it would only fit in the category called, “Mud Vein.”

Seriously.  They should just display this book all by itself in the front of book stores with a sign that says, “Here’s your Mud Vein.”

Or maybe they should just build new book stores that only sell Mud Vein.

A note to Tarryn Fisher:

Dear Tarryn,

I love you as a person.  But I am IN LOVE with you as a writer. 

Love, Colleen

Okay, I think I’ve made my point.  I wish I could talk about this book and discuss it in detail.  In fact, I think Tarryn needs to start a Mud Vein discussion group on Facebook, because it’s time to talk about it.

Because it’s LIVE, people!




34 thoughts on “I am in book love with you, Mud Vein.

  1. Me too me too. I didn’t know anything about this book but you kept talking about it, so I jumped right in. I loved it! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Bought it! It’s on my Kindle and I’ve been waiting for the perfect day to dive into it! Maybe I should call in sick so I know my daughter will be at school and my husband will be at work…NO distractions!

  3. Colleen im reading mud vein now because you recommended it. I just finished Maybe Someday, which is one of my favorites. Well mud vein is complete opposite. Its good but so depressing. I have never met a character so closed out and isolated. I cant put it down though. Its a very unique story. But i have to say it was a hard transition

    funny romance

  4. Colleen, where r u?? i need to discuss this book with u!! im very confused why you loved it so much. i just finished it, and it was so depressing. Senna.. oh senna, she drove me crazy. i dont want to spoil it for anyone else, but i have alot to say.. on that note, i couldnt put this book down, it is so well writen, and so different than anything ive read before.. but i had just finished Maybe Someday which left me all warm hearted and smiley faced, then i read this!.. i feel like i need medication now. lol .. what an emotional rollercoaster ive been thru this past week. thanks alot 😛

    1. I agree with every comment you made! At times I wanted to hug Senna as I felt so sorry for her and other times I wanted to choke the life out of her and shake her for being so stupid! Definately different from anything I’ve ever read!

      1. thank you! its funny because i was just thinking about this book today, im still confused by it, but for me to remember it and still be thinking about it months after i read it, tells me it was very well writen, i love when books are imprinted on me, good or bad. i would love to hear Colleens reply though about WHY she loved it so much, i didnt love it, it was too sad for me, but it reminded me never to be like Senna, and always appreciate life and love

  5. I just finished this book and I’m crying my eyes out! OMG it was so awesome. I’m usually all about the happy ever after kind of books but I’m so glad you recommended this one and that I read it because it was so worth it!

  6. I am a new reader and kind of exploring different genres and I find your books so moving as it touches the reality. You don’t push too much words but instead made it simple just like a normal person would. Thank you for being the writer you are. 🙂

  7. Colleen I read your review when you first posted this and I have had this book in my to read pile. I finally ordered it yesterday and read it. Thank you for leading me to it. You were right. I was not able to put it down. It was very powerful and moving and I am not sure that I would have found it on my own. Thanks for all that you do, and I love your books! They are amazing 🙂

    1. im still disturbed by this book, it was by far the most depressing book ive ever read… very well written though, and no I couldn’t put it down either.. but I am curious as to why colleen recommended it, its so opposite of her stuff.

  8. This book made me feel really weird. At times it was so honest I wanted to vomit.

    It also made me value, well.. Life.

    Thanks you for the recommendation.

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