Let it begin…

Only two days left until the release of Maybe Someday, and let me tell you…I’ve never been more nervous about a book release.  Not even my first release had me this nervous.  I think it’s a combination of the fact that this was by far the hardest book for me to write and the extra added aspect of the music was a challenge.  I knew what I wanted it to be and it took a lot of rewrites to get there, but luckily Griffin took care of the music side of it pretty darn well.

But I’m very happy with the outcome as a whole and me and Griffin are both so excited for everyone to get their hands on it in 48 hours!

The Maybe Someday soundtrack website is now up and live since a lot of you have been finding the book in bookstores.  Remember, I live out in the middle of nowhere and never get to see my books on the shelves so be sure to send me your pics when you find it!

This week I get to celebrate my release in Oakland, California and Decatur, Georgia before heading over to Portland for the release party and concert with Griffin Peterson and his band.  Click here to RSVP to these signings.

And as always, I’ll be having a huge release-day giveaway.  So come back tomorrow to check that out!

Maybe Someday the novel on iTunes, Amazon and B&N. 

Maybe Someday the soundtrack on iTunes and Amazon. 

Finding Cinderella, the new paperback with an exclusive epilogue not in the ebook also release March 18th on Amazon here.


Don’t forget, AFTER you read the book, you can join the Maybe Someday discussion and spoiler group on Facebook.  Please don’t join this page until you’ve already read the book.

Also, when you’re finished with the book be sure to check out the bonus epilogue on the website!  





57 thoughts on “Let it begin…

  1. Hey colleen omg I’m such a huge fan of all your book,I know you’ll probably never see this but I hope maybe someday you’ll visit south africa,I’m sad to not take part in your book give aways. Because of how far I live but I have faith that ill meet you one day,you my inspirition.I’m in book love with you

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