I’m not funny anymore.

I haven’t been funny since 2013.  I think my funny got left behind.  I don’t know what happened, but all my blog posts are so boring now. They’re all about books and releases and books and OMG books.  I’m so sorry.

Remember that time a few minutes ago when I titled this blog post, “THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVERRRRR!!!”?

I was actually lying.  Because it’s not the funniest thing ever. It’s not even funny.

I missed throwback Thursday, but I want to throwbback to some times when I used to be funny or at least interesting.  But it’s Saturday.  And since leaving my funny in 2013 is hopefully only a temporary setback,  let’s do “Setback Saturday.” Here are some old posts y’all might like, since I can’t think of new ones.

I think this post was funny. It’s from back when I had a real job.

And this one.

This one was one of my favorites because my mom is dumb funny.

This one where bigger sister and I begged littler sister to move to Texas. It was a big hit.  She moved.

I don’t even know but here. 

This one is all about my mom.

This was the scariest day of my life.

And since RT is coming up again, this is just an RT blast from the past. ❤


Okay.  Bye.


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