Merchandise giveaway and a free pig.

To celebrate the launch of the new website design and merchandise store, I want to give away some merchandise.

I’ll be choosing seven winners at the end of next week to choose from any of the items in our merchandise store.  A t-shirt, a soundtrack or a signed book of your choice.

All you have to do is comment on this blog post to be entered and winners will be listed next week on the book a day giveaway page.


In case you missed a few things this week with the transition of the website, check these out:

Maybe Someday Book Trailer

Griffin Peterson has signed Maybe Someday soundtracks up for sale!

Harry Connick, Jr. swag?  Yes, please!   Hashtags really do pay off!

Only three more weeks until the paperback release of Finding Cinderella (only $8,99 on Amazon right now) and the release of Maybe Someday!

Also, check out my tour page for info. on a few upcoming events that were recently announced.

An about me section was added to my website here, where I list 20 useless facts about myself.

And to see something neat, watch this.   

Don’t forget to comment below to be entered to win the giveaway!





1,289 thoughts on “Merchandise giveaway and a free pig.

  1. Oh Colleen you are so sweet!! I live in some place called The Far Away Land: Argentina. I love the way you can make me cry and laugh on the same sentence.

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