You guys are INSANE! Makes me want to give stuff away!

I know I’ve been kind of off the radar this month, but only because I’m trying to get this manuscript up to par before submission on Monday.

But HOLY CRAP!  You guys have so NOT been off the radar.  Every time I take a break, I have to go look at Atria’s Facebook page and Instagram, because the meme’s you all have been posting are cracking me up!  And…they might be cracking Atria. Little by little.

For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, let me just post a few pics of the hundreds of things Atria is being flooded with from my readers.  Apparently, y’all REALLY want copies of Finding Cinderella on your shelves.  BAD.

meme1 meme2 meme3 meme4 meme5 meme6

So here’s the deal.  You guys have made me want this to happen for you.  Let’s show these publishers and bookstores that the demand for printed books is still here.  We want to smell them, love them, hold them, squeeze them and lick them!  (Yes, I’ve done this a time or two.)

I want to see your best Finding Cinderella meme’s or drawings or pleas.  I’ll be choosing TEN winners next week for print copies of Finding Cinderella from the only few copies I have left.  Winners will be chosen from all of Atria’s social media websites.  Five winners will be chosen just from random reader posts, drawings, meme’s or videos on Atria’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles @atriabooks and @simonschuster.  The remaining five winners will be chosen based on the creativeness of their posts. Don’t forget to hashtag #FindingCinderella in your posts so I’ll be able to find them and choose winners!!! ❤

They’re watching you.  They’re hearing you.  Maybe we just need to be LOUDER!

19 thoughts on “You guys are INSANE! Makes me want to give stuff away!

  1. I absolutely love all of your books. It’s hard to chose, honestly. I am always checking your blog and twitter for more information. Can’t wait for the new book….I hope you come back to the Chi-town. Would love to meet you : )

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