Behind the scenes.

I have to say…today turned out pretty fun.  I was really, really nervous and pretty much terrified about the interview with Nightline. See?  Self-portrait an hour before taping.



But the crew from ABC were so incredibly down to earth and friendly.  Here’s a shot of me with the beautiful Juju Chang.



The readers and bloggers that were asked to come back really stole the show in the best way possible.  It was an incredible experience hearing them read excerpts and poems from my books, as well as from Tammara Webber and Cora Carmack’s books.  Here’s a shot of us all with Juju.


After the interview, ABC sent a couple of cameramen to the house to shoot some footage for the show.  Here’s a pic of them setting the cameras up.  Hazel was camera-shy, so she ran away.  Although…she was really probably just running from me.




I’ll admit, it was really strange when they were shooting footage and I didn’t know what to do.  There was one point where they were filming me in my office and they were asking me to type something, but I had no idea what to type.  Here’s a pic of them setting up in my office.



So…I sat at my computer and had to open word and actually type.  Then they asked my mother to sit over my shoulder and watch me type so they could get a shot of the two of us together.  While she was staring over my shoulder, reading what I was writing, I just decided to type exactly what was going on in that moment.  So here’s the paragraphs I typed while the cameras were rolling…

I have no idea what to type so I’m just pretending to type because I have no idea what to even type so I’m just typing and pretending and typing and pretending and pretending to type and pretending and the camera is in my face and I’m sitting here and it’s really awkward and I hope that he’s not really zooming in on what I’m writing because that would be weird.  I also hope he’s not zooming in on my face because most people have HD TV’s now and that wouldn’t be pretty.

Oh, now they want a shot of my mom and she’s sitting over my shoulder watching me type and she’s trying not to laugh at what she’s reading because she’s trying to act like she does this all the time. She’s acting like she always sits over my shoulder while I write a book but thank goodness she doesn’t, because she’s ANNOYING.  Ouch, she just hit me!!!  Wench!  Ouch, she just hit me again!  Now we can’t stop laughing and I don’t know if they really want us to laugh in this shot or not because they are just standing there with the camera in our face and not really telling us to stop laughing.  

 Okay, now they are setting the camera up on my desk and my mother is trying to organize everything, but I’m pretty sure she’s just getting in the way. Yep.  He told her to sit back down. HAHAHA!  Mom, you got in TROUBLE!

But now the paper is nice and neat and organized, though. The rest of my desk looks like crap.  STOP LAUGHING, MOM!!!  You are ruining the shot, mother!  Oh, my word. 

 This has been going on for fifteen minutes and it feels soooo strange just sitting here while two cameramen just want you to “act natural.” I’m pretty sure they are changing the story for their show to be all about my mother now.  She is photo-bombing every single shot.  I can’t wait until this is on TV because they are going to rename it, “That awesome, photogenic lady who has that one daughter who writes.” 

Now they’ve backed up and aren’t so close to our faces now, which is a little better.  They still want me to pretend I’m typing, so that’s why I’m still pretending to be typing.  Otherwise, I’d be eating supper because I haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast.  It’s okay, mom.  (She just read what I typed and said, “oh, poor baby.”) Oh, good. We’re done.  IT’S A WRAP!


Yeah, so that’s the day in a nutshell.  Except here is a pic of my mom with the camera guy. (Who was really nice, btw.)

.  office


All in all, as nervous as I was, it was such a great experience.  The Nightline episode should air sometime in February, so I’ll let everyone know once I get a date.

55 thoughts on “Behind the scenes.

  1. What a load of crap. I read the first page and tossed it aside. You wrote this book in a month … maybe you should have taken more time. The story is amateurish, the main character right away got on my nerves and the way you tell the story is simply terrible. I cannot understand how a load of crap like this got published. Then again, most books that hit the bestsellers list are crap. Why don’t you tell it like it is … you hired a publicist or you have someone in your family with connections to a major publishing house. No way you did this on your own. As a publisher this story is only good for one thing … the rubbish basket. Please don’t write any other stories, your crap makes me vomit. Oh and lose some weight will you, obese people are disgusting.

  2. My guess is that you will delete my comment. You keep only the good ones from your friends and family. All the bad comments you delete and I happen to know that so far you received 143 comments stating that your silly little book is CRAP !!!!!!! THERE NOW YOU CAN DELETE THIS TOO FAT BITCH!!!!!!!

    1. Hm, well. Here’s my thought… I have read books before that I wasn’t fond of. I simply don’t open the book again. You, for some reason, stalk that authors blog, find a post from MONTHS ago and then personally and ridiculously attack them? Why? My first guess is that you are simply jealous. You’ve probably tried self-pub 2 or 3 or 57 times and it’s gone nowhere, so now you’re mad. It’s quite pathetic actually. My guess is that Colleen really doesn’t care what YOU think of HER. She’s too busy writing wonderful, AMAZING books. So, carry on. Oh, btw, I’m obese too. Have at it. 🙂

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