Pretty darn good start to 2013. <3


Just wanted to give an update on the status of the paperbacks.  I received my proof copy a few days ago but there were a few formatting issues so I should receive another revised proof by mid-week.  I’m *hoping* paperbacks will be ready to order by the 12th.    Hopeless will not be available in paperback in stores, but it will be available to order through Amazon.  I will also be selling signed copies through my website.


In other news, look what Bigger sister and Littler sister got me for Christmas!  A 2012 commemorative blanket.  Seriously, could they have done any better?  I think not.




In other, other news…Hopeless made it a whole week at #1 on Amazon!  That is un-freaking-believable.  Not only that it hit number one…but that it stayed for several days.  I’m still in shock and a little bit overwhelmed.  Okay, I’m a whole LOT overwhelmed.


In other, other, other news…I’ve been taking a few days off the past week so I’m quite a bit behind on authorgraphs, emails, etc.  But I’ll get to them!  Promise.

Next time I post a blog this week I’m hoping it’s to say my paperbacks are ready so I can give that 32GB Kindle Fire HD away that’s been sitting on my shelf.  He’s lonely.  He needs a good home.  ❤