My new writing cave…and a lil’ bit o’ Hazel.

I’m sort of strange, but I love it when my friends post pics of where they write.  So I thought I’d share this video of my new writing cave.  Take note, there are a few things I’ve received that I’ve yet to hang up because I ran out of nails.  So I have much more awesome things to add.  Also, I covered up the microphone when I was talking about the signed mat, but it was from my sissy who threw me a surprise party and all my friends and family signed it.  😀

Caution: Didn’t realize the background music was so vulgar until it was too late.  My bad. :/




Happy Anniversary Blog and Book!

This month, maybe even this very day, marks exactly one year since the day I wrote the first sentence to SLAMMED.

What a damn year it’s been!

When I wrote that first sentence, I never in a million years expected what has come of it.  I certainly never expected the book to ever get finished, much less make the New York Time’s and then sell the film options for it!  I would say that my dreams came true, but the things that have happened to me this year have been too outlandish for me to even dream up!

This month also marks a year since I started this blog.  Going through my old posts, I wanted to pick my favorites from each month.  However, I noticed the last few months have all been shitty, boring posts about my books.  I’m making a promise to stop being so BORING and get back to the fun stuff.  I picked my faves of each month from the past year and linked them here.  You should check them out. No, really.  Check them out.  Click on them.  Read them.

The first one was my very first post exactly one year ago.  I started this blog before I even got the idea to write a book.  It’s interesting.  November 2011 (Moose)

This one was what happened AFTER my first post in November.  :/December 2011 (Christmas Tree)

This one was from January, my very first month to actually have a book on Amazon for sale.  As you can see, I sort of gave up on my blog during the month of December because I was too busy writing, but January I came back full force.  Here’s my fave, because it was so embarrassing. January 2012

This post was when I was writing Point of Retreat and was still trying to title the book. February 2012

This one isn’t a fun memory. March 2012 (Death)

Love this one.  I miss my job. April 2012 (Boss)

This is me leaving the job I miss. Wait, let me rephrase that.  I don’t miss my job…I miss the people I worked with.  Talk about some of the greatest friends I will ever have.  May 2012


June 2012 (sucked) This one doesn’t have a link because my posts for June…sucked.

This one is me showing my true colors as to the style of parenting I have. July 2012 (Bastard)

Things got busy and went downhill from there.  I can’t even find a blog since summer that I like.  So, I’m using this as a good kick in the ass to start blogging more fun stuff and less boring stuff.

Okay, so here’s the deal with the BIG GIVEAWAY I promised for the blog today.  I really had big plans to give away lots of stuff. But then something happened today that really put things into perspective for me, and I ended up giving all the money away to someone who needed it more than this blog did.  I don’t feel bad.  Christmas is coming around the corner and I know for a fact they needed it more than anyone needs a new kindle or nook.  With that said, I apologize for giving away your giveaway prizes.

But if you are one of the people who have been, whatever you want to call it…blessed, fortunate, given good karma, good luck, good year…whatever.  It’s Christmas!  Give!  Go buy an Angel or donate some food.  It will make your heart feel really, really good.

What I do have to giveaway isn’t as fun, but I have some signed copies of the Slammed and POR, and even some audiobook giveaways for both books.  So just comment and I’ll pick winners in a few days.  I think to celebrate the past year, I’ll give away 9 signed sets of books and 3 people will win audiobooks.  😀

And from the bottom of my heart…I can’t thank every single one of you for everything. This past year has changed not only my life, but so many other people’s lives in my family.  We all thank you immensely.  I thank you for spreading the word, for your nominations in the Goodreads awards, for your kind words, emails, fb posts, etc.  Just thank you!

Oh, and in case you missed it…the full jacket reveal, blurb and release date for my next book were announced today.  Check it out HERE!



Giveaway winners and HUGE (okay medium) announcement.

Alicia Elwood and Melissa Tawil, congrats!  You’re both winners of the latest e-reader giveaway.  Email me at with your mailing address and your preference of a NOOK Color or Kindle Fire.  😀  Thanks to everyone for all the entries.

And Okay Creations has just released the cover for a standalone YA book I’m hoping to have out by the end of December.  To see it, check out her facebook site.  Then check back on 11/28 for the full jacket and blurb.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!