One signing down, hopefully a million to go.

Do you ever have those moments late at night when you are feeling particularly emotional or artistic and you write a mind-blowing letter to someone that you know is either going to change the world or make them love you so much harder?  But then the next day you wake up and re-read it and you think, “What the hell was I thinking?  This is a pile of mushy, embarrassing shit!!!”

That’s how I feel about the horribly long blog post I just deleted from my drafts.  So, I decided to summarize it for you, in order to save lives.

1) Georgia will make you sweat your balls off, even if you don’t have balls.

2) Liz Reinhardt and Abbi Glines are two of the funniest people to hang out with, but hanging out with them while their husbands are with them somehow makes them even greater.

3) Liz Reinhardt loves to make out.

4) Rebecca Donovan is perfect.  So amazingly perfect I had to punch her in the face a couple of times just to make myself feel better.  I’m so glad I stalked her this summer and forced her to be my friend.

  • 5) I love readers/fans/bloggers and everyone else that loves reading as much as I love writing.  This was my first signing and I was paranoid that no one would show up, but I was pleasantly surprised.  So excited for Chicago and Connecticut now, and everything else beyond that.  Thank you to each and every one of you who got out in that humidity, walked miles to our booth and even went through pure hell getting there.  Just check out this blog to see what I mean.

6) I realize how important networking is in this industry, but what I didn’t realize was what I would get out of it in return: Friends.  Really great friends.  Friends who drink on the job with you…

Friends who aren’t too good to pose with other friends books at Target with you:

Friends who aren’t afraid to be mushy…

Oh, btw…I have an extra kindle fire sitting at home, waiting to be given away.  I’d like to give some love to my bloggers today, so post in comments what your blog site is or what your favorite blog site is so we can share some followers and you can be entered to win the fire.  Here are six to get you started.

It was great.  Just great.  Now I’m sitting at the airport, hoping Jason Castro sits next to me again on the flight home.  This time I’ll ask for his autograph, or at least inconspicuously touch his hair.

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