It’s Official!!! (Psst! There might be free stuff in here.)

Today is the big day! ATRIA BOOKS versions of SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT are now available as ebooks. Paperbacks will follow in September. Let me tell you, it’s been a crazy busy week for me, but I can’t imagine how crazy it’s been at the Simon & Schuster offices.  I’ve discovered the reason behind the New York saying, “The City that Never Sleeps.”

It’s because it’s true.  They never sleep!  They work, work, work all hours of the day and night, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the beautiful things they have done to my books in such a short amount of time.  Not only have they updated the covers to form a more cohesive look, but now I’m lucky enough to have quotes on the front from two of my favorite authors, Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire!  OMG!  How butterflying cool is that?

AND the editing.  Wow!  Just…wow.  I think I expected an edited manuscript returned to me that pointed out my formatting and punctuation errors and that would be that.  But no.  They went above and beyond.  They pointed out things that I never even thought about.  Here’s a little “behind the scenes” example:

In the poem “The Lake” where Will says something about “In-N-Out” burgers, they pointed out that there aren’t any In-N-Out burgers in or around where Will lives, so would he really use that restaurant as a reference in the poem?  Of course, I couldn’t change it because for one, we have this performance by Marty Schoenleber where he recites the original, so I didn’t want to make it different.  And two, because In-N-Out burgers are just really, really good.

I’m getting off subject here.  My point is that it was obvious they really took their time (albeit, in a hurry) and I appreciate them for that.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Judith Curr and Johanna Castillo for making me feel so welcomed into the Simon & Schuster family.  And to my amazing agent, Jane Dystel, for her tireless dedication to not only me, but all the authors she represents.

It’s people like this that make me even more stoked that I made this decision.  ATRIA BOOKS has been an absolute thrill to work with. And the best part?  You know these giveaways I like to do?  Yeah, well…they’re gonna let me keep doing them.  And the bester best part (yes, I said bester) is that I’m doing one right now!  And the winners of THESE signed books get the beautifully edited and signed publisher’s editions!

When a publisher takes over a self-published book, a lot goes into the process of uploading the new books to their platforms.  The issue that arises is that there is no way to transfer the ranking from the self-published version to the published version, so the published version essentially has to start over.  This is where your chance to win comes in.  I’m going to post links here for the new versions on all platforms, so share them wherever you want.  Twitter, Facebook, on your blog.  Let me know where you shared in the comments and I’ll enter your name into the drawing.

I think another random kindle fire giveaway on top of the S&S versions of the books is the perfect way to celebrate! 🙂 THIS GIVEAWAY ENDED 08/14

Wrapping up, if you want to be entered into the giveaway for the official published editions of SLAMMED and POR, or you want a chance for a kindle fire, then repost this new link and come back and comment that you did so.  If you are a blogger and have the old link, simply replace your link on your review with one of these, then come back and let me know in the comments.

I just (gulp) unpublished the self-pubbed versions of these books and they soon will no longer be active.  Once again, thank you all so stinkin’ much for everything.  From the amazing reviews to the word-of-mouth.  I will never, ever forget the readers that are the driving force behind the success of these books.  As always, y’all butterflying rock!

Here are the links to all platforms:

273 thoughts on “It’s Official!!! (Psst! There might be free stuff in here.)

  1. Hey, Colleen! I bought ‘Slammed’ in amazon kindle store on 10/8/12. It was by then #2 in kindle paid!!! I read it last night and COULD NOT STOP till the end. Talk about blocking your characters’ bliss and making readers feel pain and passion!

    This morning (in Australia) I was back in the kindle store and could not see Slammed anywhere – odd – even when I searched. Hence I came to your blog to answer the mystery. And so now I have posted your new links in the writers’ forum I’m in, and also on fb and in fiction writing group there. 1) cos I’d love to win a kindle fire!! (or your books, of course) 2) cos I want everyone to have that great reading experience 3) cos I’m excited for you and your success/journey!

    Congratulations and so very well done.


  2. Hi Colleen!

    I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed Slammed and Point of Retreat! I’ve already recommended the books to all of my friends that read. My cousin is currently reading Slammed and constantly telling me how much she is enjoying reading it! I also felt so moved by the books that I posted about them on my blog! ( Although I’m not poetry writer I have become more interested in SLAM poetry and maybe, one day, I’ll be brave enough to do one!

    Again, GREAT BOOK! Keep it up! (=

  3. Posted on my Facebook. I have not had the chance to read the books yet, but I am so…looking forward to starting them soon. I have heard wonderful things about the books.


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