Author Meet & Greet

I don’t take a whole lot of things too seriously, but when a couple of readers asked me if I would come to Chicago and do a signing, I took it a tad bit too seriously.    I don’t know if they thought I would actually agree, much less invite pretty much everyone I know along with me.  So, if you’re going to be in Chicago and you’ve ever read any of these fab authors and would like to meet them, get a book signed, drink some punch, or get some swag then come on down to the TFEiC event.  We’ll be at The Palmer House in Chicago on Saturday, September 29th from 12-4pm.

  1. S.C. Stephens
  2. Tarryn Fisher
  3. Tracey Garvis-Graves
  4. Abbi Glines
  5. Stephanie Campbell
  6. Rebecca Donovan
  7. CJ Roberts
  8. Jillian Dodd
  9. J. Sterling
  10. Michelle Mankin
  11. Elizabeth Hunter
  12. Nicole Williams 
  13. Liz Reinhardt
  14. Colleen Hoover

65 thoughts on “Author Meet & Greet

  1. I’ll be in Chicago the week before you’re there! I’m so mad I’ll miss you!! You should come to Phoenix 🙂

  2. Can’t wait! I live in Madison so this is perfect! I have most of these books on my Kindle. Maybe I should just have everyone sign that!

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