Closing out July with some sweets.


This contest over at A Book Lover’s Review ends in four hours.  She’s giving away five copies of Slammed and five of POR, all signed.  Also, there’s a character interview with Lake and Will that you have to read. 😉

Now on to the original post…

Holy crap, I’ve never laughed so hard as I did at some of y’all’s jokes!  Freaking hilarious.  I especially liked this one from Mr. Ty, because it’s so accurate.

A writer comes home to a burned down house. His sobbing and slightly-charred wife is standing outside. “What happened, honey?” the man asks.
“Oh, Doug, it was terrible,” she weeps. “I was cooking, the phone rang. It was your agent. Because I was on the phone, I didn’t notice the stove was on fire. It went up in seconds. Everything is gone. I nearly didn’t make it out of the house. Poor Susie is…”
“Wait, wait. Back up a minute,” the man says. “My agent called?”

Haha!  Okay, enough of that.  Winners.  These were picked at random, not at all based on the jokes left.  If you won a signed book, your name follows.  If you won merchandise, your name follows those names.  If you’re the winner of the kindle fire, your name follows the name of the merchandise winners who follow the signed book winners, so you better run ‘cuz they’re all gonna kick your ass once they find out you won a kindle fire!   If you are a winner, email me at

Be sure to mention what you won and the address you want it shipped to.


Jenni Huffenberger

Christine Calderon

Charli Carter

Coleen E. (nice name)

Ty Funderbunk

Jennifer Fresnedi

Holly Ball

Jodi O’Brien

MERCHANDISE WINNERS (Let me know what item you want from the merch store or if you’d rather have a signed book.)

The mouthy mommy

Angie Salazar

Kindle Fire Winner

****Laramie Knudsen****  (Random, but my baby sis lives in Laramie.)   😀

So, there you go!  Congrats to all the winners and a huge thanks to everyone who participated.

I was able to get quite a bit of writing done this week, which is good since I’m going on vacation to the BEACH!  So excited, but that means another hiatus from the blog.  These children of mine are sucking the life out of my online social presence.  Blame them.  🙂

And speaking of heading to the beach, I could use a few great book suggestions.  Anyone got any?  I’m really digging the young adult contemporary romances lately.  I’ve had a lot of requests for some recommendations, so here are a few I’ve read.  CRASH, EASY, FLAT OUT LOVE, DELICATE, The Fault in Our Stars, The Vincent Brothers,

And here are a few that aren’t so young adult-

Beautiful Disaster (Which made it to #1 on Barnes & Noble today. Congrats Jamie!)

Captive in the Dark (Wowza.  This one is INTENSE.  Be prepared.)

If you still have not read the Fifty Shades Series…what the heck are you waiting for?

The Opportunist

And of course Thoughtless and Effortless.

Happy Reading!

56 thoughts on “Closing out July with some sweets.

  1. I think you need to read On the Island, if you have not! Perfect since you’re going to the beach (although, don’t get too freaked out!)

  2. A must read series is The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan. This series helped fill the reading void after reading your books. It is a heartbreaking yet beautiful story that will have you anxiously awaiting the 3rd book.

  3. lol… I didn’t win! I was really hoping to win because I can’t find the books in any bookstore here in the philippines.. I already read the books but I want to own them sine they’re my favorite!! haha! Do you know if if slammed and point of retreat are available in our country?? I’d appreciate it! Thanks so much!! xoxo (^o^) ❤

  4. You should try the The Moreno Brothers book series by Elizabeth Reyes.They’re all really good books!:)

  5. I just finished “A Sweethaven Summer” by Courtney Walsh. It was a very sweet part romance and part mystery. It was a nice, quick read that I could hardly put down.

    Also the Heather Wells mysteries by Meg Cabot.
    #1) Size 12 is Not Fat
    #2) Size 14 is Not Fat Either
    #3) Big Boned
    #4) Size 12 and Ready to Rock

    Hope you have fun at th beach!

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