Mondays suck balls.

***THIS CONTEST ENDED 07/26/2012***


So let’s turn this baby around with some good laughs.

Who wants free stuff?  Me! But, I already have about 200 copies of what I’m giving away, so I don’t get any.  😦

But that’s good news for you guys.  July has been a great month.  Probably my favorite month out of the 390-something months I’ve lived so far.  Because of this, I feel like giving away some signed books.  I don’t know how many I’ll give away yet, but I also want to give away a couple of items out of the merchandise store.  🙂   So just comment on this blog post with your favorite joke.  We need some good laughs.  Just please, don’t forget to write the punchline.  😛

Also, I’ll be drawing the winner of the Kindle Fire 2 on FRIDAY…it’s supposed to be released in August!  Go here if you haven’t entered yet and comment on the post.

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