There might be a teaser in here somewhere…

It’s been a very productive and busy week, people.  Lots has happened, lots was done.  I couldn’t be more excited about the response to Trini’s blog over at A Book Lovers Review.  The Q&A with Will and Lake was so much fun to do.  We upped the signed book giveaway from one winner to five, so make sure you go back and enter before the contest ends.

Also, my bff Jamie made this awesome screenshot of both SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT on the New York Time’s Bestsellers list for July 29th at #13 and #19.  Honestly, this is so surreal.  Seven months ago, I had never written anything longer than a book report.  Now I have TWO BOOKS in the top 20 of the NEW YORK FREAKING TIMES!  It’s awesome.  So freakin’ awesome.  Thank all of you for getting it there!

And don’t think I forgot about the kindle fire 2 giveaway.  I’m not in a huge hurry to announce the winner since it’s still a few weeks until the kindle fire 2 release.  So go here to enter for a chance to win.  All you have to do is comment!

And finally, my online presence has been scarce this week, but for good reason.  I got a bit more of Will’s Story finished, so now I shall grace you all with a teaser for your patience.  Enjoy it, because there aren’t going to be any more….


March, 2012

“I wouldn’t call it suffering,” I say, thinking back on last night.  “In fact, I’m pretty sure it was worth all the waiting.”  She places her hand between her cheek and the pillow and we turn toward each other.  I run my fingers along her jaw and across her bottom lip.

“Speaking of suffering,” she says.  “You just wait until I see Gavin and Eddie again.  I can’t believe they tried to set you up with someone.”

I pull my hand away from her mouth and rest it on the bed between us.  For some reason, I feel like I can’t touch her when I’m withholding truth.  I break eye contact and roll onto my back.  If she’s going to bring this up to Eddie, I might as well get it all out in the open.  Otherwise, we’ll all suffer.  “Lake?” I say, hesitantly.

As soon as her name comes out of my mouth, she begins to slowly shake her head.   “You didn’t,” she says flatly.

She’s way too perceptive.

I don’t respond. My silence prompts her to jerk up and grab my jaw, forcing me to look at her.  “You went on a DATE?” she says.

I place my hand on her cheek in a reassuring gesture, hoping my touch will sooth the words about to come out of my mouth.  She jerks her face back and sits up on her knees, placing her hands on them as she scowls down at me.  “Are you serious?”

I laugh nervously, attempting to make light of the situation.  “Lake, you know how forceful Eddie can be.  I didn’t want to go.  Besides, it was just one date.”

“Just one date?” she says.  “Are you saying you can’t develop feelings for someone after just one date? ”  She spins around on the bed and stands up, dropping down into the desk chair beside the bed.  She folds her arms across her chest, shaking her head again. “Please tell me you didn’t kiss her,” she says.

I sit up and scoot toward her until I’m sitting on the edge of the bed.  I reach forward and take her hands in mine and look her in the eyes.  “I love you,” I say.  “And I’m here.  With youMarried to you.  Who cares what happened on a date more than two years ago?”

“You KISSED her?” she says, jerking her hands back. She places her foot on the bed between my legs and pushes against it, sending her and the chair several feet away from me.

“She kissed me,” I say.  “And it was…it was so bad,” I laugh.

She folds her arms across her chest and glares at me.

“Okay,” I say, wiping the smirk off my face.  “Not funny.  But seriously, you’re making a big deal out of nothing,” I tell her.  “Besides, you agreed to go out with Nick that same week.  What’s the difference?”

“What’s the difference?” she says, enunciating each word carefully.  “I didn’t go on a date with him.  I didn’t kiss him.  That’s a pretty damn big difference.”

I stand up and walk forward, grabbing the arm of the desk chair.  I sit back down on the bed and pull her to me until she’s flush against my legs.  I place my hands on her cheeks and force her to look at me.  “Layken Cooper, I love you.  I’ve loved you since the second I laid eyes on you and I haven’t stopped loving you for a second since.  The entire time I was out with Taylor, all I was thinking about was you.”

She crinkles up her nose.  “Taylor?  I didn’t need to know her name, Will. Now I’m going to have a distaste for Taylor’s for the rest of my life.”

“Like I have a distaste for Javier’s and Nick’s?” I say.  She grins, but quickly forces the smile away, still trying to punish me with her ineffective scowl.  “You’re so cute when you’re jealous,” I say.  She looks at me, her resolve melting with my words.  I take her face in my hands and gently press my lips to hers.  She sighs a quiet, defeated sigh into my mouth and relents, parting her lips for me.  I run my hands down her arms and to her waist, then pull her out of the chair and on top of me as I lean back onto the bed.

I place one hand on the small of her back, pressing her into me, and my other hand I run through her hair, grabbing the back of her head.  I kiss her hard as I roll her onto her back, proving to her that she has absolutely nothing to be jealous of.  As soon as I’m on top of her, she places her hands on my cheeks and forces my face apart from hers.

“So your lips touched someone else’s lips? After our first kiss?”

I fall back onto the bed beside her.  “Lake, stop it.  Stop thinking about it,” I say.

“I can’t, Will.” She turns to me and makes that damn pouty face she knows I can’t refuse. “I need to know.  In my head all I can picture is you taking some girl out on this perfect date and making her grilled cheese sandwiches and playing “would you rather” with her and sharing seriously intense moments with her, then kissing the hell out of her at the end of the night.”

Her description of our first date causes me to laugh.  I lean over and press my lips to her ear and whisper, “Is that what I did to you?  I kissed the hell out of you?”

She pulls her neck away and shoots me a glare, letting me know she isn’t backing down until she gets her way.  “Fine,” I say, pulling back.  “If I tell you all about it will you promise to let me kiss the hell out of you again?”

“Promise,” she says.

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