A moment with Will and Lake. <3

A Book-Lover’s Review sent a few questions to Lake and Will.  Check out their answers and enter the giveaway for the signed books while you’re there!  Here’s a tiny snippet from Lake’s POV…read the rest here.


“Will, come here,” I say as I settle onto the sofa.  “We got the questions we need to answer for Trini’s blog, A Book Lover’s Review.”
 Will walks into the living room and plops down on the sofa beside me.  “Fire away,” he says.
“You should sit across from me,” I say to him.  “That way I can see you better.”
Will tilts his head toward me and  shoves his bottom lip out and pouts.  “I don’t want to sit across from you, Lake.  I want to be next to you.”  He pulls my legs up into his lap.
I easily give in to those pouty lips as I lean my head against the arm of the chair and straighten the stack of questions in my hand.  “You’re so needy,” I tease.
He winks at me and rubs his hands across my legs.  “Can you blame me?”
I roll my eyes and read him the first question.  “Okay.  What color would you say best describes your personality and why?”


27 thoughts on “A moment with Will and Lake. <3

  1. I can’t read the teaser! As much as I want to, it’ll be too much and not enough at the same time… I gotta wait for the whole book!
    So excited for you!! You deserve all the credit you’re receiving for your books! God bless.

  2. Love, love, love this! Please give us more of Lake & Will ASAP I am having withdrawals! In fact I miss all the other characters too. Cannot wait for your next book…

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