See why I love Diego Boneta almost as much as I love giving stuff away?

***CONTEST HAS ENDED AS OF 07/26/12***


He’d make a GREAT Will Cooper.  Maybe not for everyone, and that’s okay!  That’s why Will is fictional.  We can all have our own versions.  But for now, mine is Diego Boneta.  I’ve tweeted him.  I’ve stalked his facebook.  I’ve begged him not to make plans for 2014 in the off-chance that someone decides to buy my film rights, and by the off-chance a studio picks up the screenplay, then by the off-chance Diego Boneta auditions for the part of Will, then by the off-chance I have any say so in the casting and Diego is chosen.

Check out his hotness and his facebook fan page here:

Perhaps psycho-stalking Diego Boneta is not proper behavior for someone in my position, but we all know I have no boundaries.

Now, on to less pressing matters.

This is the only blog I’m going to post this week because I’m caving it ALL WEEK LONG!  So if you don’t get a response to your emails, fb messages, blog comments…be patient.  I’m hanging out with my fictional peeps for a few days.  I never imagined all of the other “stuff” that comes along with writing, so I’ve been doing all this other stuff instead of writing.  But I love doing this other stuff and I love writing, but I haven’t figured out a way to do them simultaneously.  So I’m just going to alternate.  Brilliant plan, huh?  Yeah, I know.

Also, just found out the Kindle Fire 2 is coming out next month.  So…without further ado…who’s going to win it?  Comment here if you want it.  Will it be comment #4 or comment #400?  I guess we won’t find out until my next blog post.  Next week.  😉

I just thought of a genius plan.  I wonder if Diego Boneta gets google alerts?  If Diego Boneta gets google alerts, I bet Diego Boneta will be notified by google that there is a post out there about Diego Boneta, so the more I say Diego Boneta’s name, the more chance Diego Boneta will see this post.

492 thoughts on “See why I love Diego Boneta almost as much as I love giving stuff away?

  1. I cannot put into words how moved I was by Slammed. I stayed up all night to finish and couldn’t put it down. I related to the story since my Mother too passed from lung cancer and left me parentless. I just finished downloading book 2, Point of Retreat and I am hoping that Lake and Will can find harmony. Please, continue to write…I cannot imagine a voice such as yours could only have one story.

  2. “If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through it all you would see is your own reflection. You would see that my soul is a reflection of you.”

    One of many favorite quotes from Slammed & POR. You are amazing! 🙂

  3. I love your series Slammed. I just love how much they love each other and how they conquer through all their situations. When i read the second book, I was so heartbroken when they got into a car accident at almost the end of the book. I would have cried so much is she lost her memories of being with Will, like she erased him from her memories because it was so painful. I was a eased everything was okay, but i was so sad to see what Will was probably going through, for him to think that he would lost her was make me so tearful. Okay getting to my point, I hope that you continue the series because i would absolutely buy your next book for that series. : P

  4. Brovo, great series so far. Can’t wait for Will, but now I want to hear more from Lakes perspective. Ahhh!!!! This is such a pain in the butterfly. (But seriously… more from Lake!)

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