What happens in the cave, doesn’t always stay in the cave.

I can’t remember if I posted pics of my new office the other day.  For the sake of saving time, I’ll post the picture again.

I’ve been looking forward to caving it today.  It’s what writers call it when they lock themselves up and cut themselves off from the real world to “write.”  Yeah…my first day of caving it after quitting my day job didn’t go so well.  I assumed that I would shut my door and the world would stop and I would spit out some great scenes in my beautiful new office.


I was so damn busy all day and barely got a whole paragraph written.  This is what my desk looks like after my first day of caving it.

There’s a few Diet Pepsi cans in there somewhere.  And maybe a snickers bar.  And this is AFTER I cleaned up the box of thumbtacks I dropped on the floor.  But…all in all I had a relatively productive day.  Not with writing.  I did get 57 books packaged and shipped, which is progress.

Oh, and I wrote this little teaser.  Prepare yourselves ladies, Will is in a frisky mood with Lake!

I try to think of why it’s not a good idea, but I can’t.  I can’t think.  All I want to do is help her finish getting her damn shirt off.  I swim across the water and ease closer to her until our faces are just inches apart.  She looks at me with a gleam in her eyes, almost like she’s daring me. Without taking my eyes off hers, I grasp the sleeves of her shirt and slide them down her arms, then yank the shirt off completely. I throw it onto the concrete patio behind her, then lower my hands to her waist until I find the button on her jeans. When I snap it open, she gasps.  I lean in and whisper in her ear as I ease her zipper down, “Why stop there?” 

36 thoughts on “What happens in the cave, doesn’t always stay in the cave.

  1. Your office is so clean and organized!!!! How do you do it all?

    And damn, I want a Will! Where the hell did my Will go?

  2. Love it!! Cannot wait for more- your office is nice and clean (even in the second picture). You know you’ve got it right when even your floor is covered with ‘work’.

  3. Colleen I just fineness your 1st book in 24 hours cause I took vacation day to finish it. I read a lot and it is not often that I find a book that makes me laugh cry and get mad in. I’m going to start the 2nd book tonight. Please stay in your wonderful cave to continue through the lives od Eddie Lake Will and the boys for years to come. Thanks so much again.

  4. Please tell me this isn’t some cruel dream sequence where Will wakes up right at the good part! Not that I’m complaining – that was hot!

  5. I loved slammed and point of retreat! I couldn’t put them down! Great job! Can’t wait until your next one!

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