A BIG FAT THANK YOU and a tiny little giveaway.

So, this post may be a bit personal, but I don’t really care.  I just want you all to know what a difference you’ve made in my life.

I married my high school sweetheart (been with him since I was 16) when I was 20.  We had our first child *ahem* five months later.  You do the math.  I was in college and we both worked full-time jobs.  We lived paycheck to paycheck for the next four years (yes, it took me six years to graduate college) and in the meantime we had two more boys.  So…three children and six years later, I finally had a degree.  Little did I know, I picked the lowest paying career out there.  I think my first post-degree job paid about 27,000 a year.  (Social Work, go figure.)

So, we struggled some more.  And some more and some more and some more.  Everyone with children knows how tough it is to get by.  It’s butterflying TOUGH!  Anyway, we finally found the means to buy a “house.”   I use that term lightly, because it was a single-wide mobile home that was really quite ugly.  The decor looked like a 1970’s porn movie with black and gold trim everywhere.  No joke.  UG-LY!

We lived in this house for SEVEN YEARS!  That’s a long time to raise three children in a house that is barely over 1000 square feet.  And not to mention HOT.  It never gets below 90 degrees inside during the summer, no matter what we set the A/C on.

What the hell is my point to all of this?  I’ll tell you.

We moved today.  Into a REAL house.  A house with doors that work and an air conditioner that cools and electricity that doesn’t shut off if you run two electronics at the same time.  My boys are 7, 8 and 11 and this is the first time they’ve had a REAL HOUSE.  And granted, it’s a rent house.  We decided to move while we work up plans to build a house within the next year.  It’s surreal.  Seven months ago, we were struggling to make ends meet.  Now, things are finally coming together and it’s all because of you guys.  Every single person that spent a few bucks to buy a book that I wrote deserves a big THANK YOU from my whole family.

It’s hot and I’m tired and we’ve been moving all day long, but I’m soooo happy.  I get to sleep in my bed tonight for the first time without worrying that a gust of wind will blow our house over.

If you made it to the end of this post, I’m sorry.  I just had to get that off my chest. Now, in return for everyone making my dream come true,  I’m going to give away a CRAPLOAD of signed books.  I’m serious.  I’m picking ten winners.  No…TWENTY!  Okay, fine.  I’m about to give away thirty signed copies of Slammed.  That’s right!  All you have to do is comment here and tell me your SWEET for the day.  No sucks!  This is all about the GREAT things in life.  I’ll pick winners at random in a few days.

Oh, and I guess I’ll give away another kindle fire, too.  You guys seem to like those!  😉

Did ya win? Come see what I did. Heehee.

Once again, this giveaway has turned into a beautiful disaster.  I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong.  I thought maybe if I took a snapshot of the comments, I would just be able to pick a number at random.  In my dreams!  Being the opportunist that I am, I wanted everyone to have a go.  Even people who live overseas, maybe on the island somewhere or on a long darkride to Antarctica.  I wanted to share the opportunity, trade my heart for yours.  You know how that goes.  This whole thing was like a lovely unscripted mess!  It’s because of low expectations on my part that I received way more entries than expected.  I was being thoughtless, I guess. But I love you all for entering.  Y’all give me reason to breathe.  Until 12/21/12.  Then we’re all doomed for sure.

Is it happy hour yet?  I think I’ll throw on my shoes that are fifty shades of grey and go for a walk on 5th Street.  Peace!

Oh yeah.  The winner!  I almost forgot.

Congratulations Kristi Davis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You just won a kindle fire and signed books!  Email your address to me at colleenhoover@msn.com

Calling All Writers and Poets.

Working on my third and perhaps final installment of The Slammed Series, Will’s Story.  In Point of Retreat, I asked poet Edmund Davis-Quinn if he would let me use one of his inspiring poems in the book.  He allowed me to use the poem that gave me the kick-start I needed to finish POR.  It’s called Write Poorly.

I’ve received a lot of emails and reviews where readers have responded with their own Slam Poems.  LOVE THESE!  I thought it would be great to give you poetry writers an opportunity to get a poem into the published version of Will’s Story.  If you would like to submit your poem for consideration, send it to colleenhoover@msn.com   If your poem is selected to appear in the novel, I’ll send you signed copies of all three books once the final installment is published.  I’m not putting a deadline, because I hate deadlines.  If you want to enter, just get it in as soon as you can.  😉

Happy Writing!

Oh, and subject matter is up to you.  So long as it’s appropriate to the genre.  😉  Meaning no Lucky Charms Porn themed poetry.