My suck for the day (but also my sweet)

Today is my last day of employment with the state of Texas.  Tomorrow, I’ll be self-employed.  Or is it unemployed?

I have three full-time careers at the moment.  DSHS employee, writer and crime-fighting ninja. It was beginning to reach the point where I had too many things going on, so I was doing them all half-ass and I hated that.

I chose to focus on writing and left my ‘real’ job behind.  But in the process, I’m having to leave behind the best, most amazing people I have ever had the privilege of working with.  To spend 11 hours a day with these women for almost four years and STILL love them says a lot about each of them.  Who wouldn’t love a boss that does things like this for you?

And things like this?

Me eating Will:

Yep.  I’m butterflying sad to be leaving these chicks.  They rock my world from 7am to 6pm.  😦

And in memory of my awesome place of employment, I leave you with this flashback of what I “used” to do for a living:




8 thoughts on “My suck for the day (but also my sweet)

  1. I love this post. Everything about it. {{{Hugs}}} to you and to them, for all doing the hard thing, because it’s the right thing. What a butterflying wonderful bunch of people!

  2. Awwww 🙂 How cute and sweet…. and those cookies look awesome! I’ll save some Aussie chocolate (if I ever get some… lol) just for you for one of those cookies 😉

  3. You’ll still be fighting crime though right? *phew!* =)

    Congrats on your decision to focus more on writing! You’re amazing! I just read Slammed last night and pretty much fell head over heels with your book, and I’m deliriously to read the sequel tonight!!! I’m only postponing it so I can get some errands and housework done today which, as you can tell by me writing this comment I have obviously slacked on entirely 😉 Just wanted to say “hi” and keep writing!!! I’ll read anything you dish out 😉


  4. Congratulations! I know we talked about you wanting to become a full-time writer. I’m so happy for you becoming one sooner than expected 😀 Hopefully you didn’t give up the ninja gig, though. We need protectors in the world like you 😀

  5. The flying leap across the door frame!!! This-Is-My-Favorite as I used to do the same thing down the hall at my old job. Some parts of us just never grow up (and, there aint nada wrong with it!)

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