Not a teaser. A teaser? No. But some really cool information!

So…Sky and Holder are quickly growing on me.  I was writing a scene last night that involved geocaching, and it excited me that perhaps I could introduce this hobby of mine to those of you who have never heard of it.

Prepare yourselves.  You’re about to enter into an underground world of intense, not so secretive treasure hunting. And I am not in any way endorsing this hobby for profit.  I simply love to geocache and want to spread the word to those of you who have never heard of it.

First of all, a geocache is a hidden container. The containers range from micro (about the size of a pill bottle) to large (about the size of a toolbox). Inside the container you will find various things…coins, toys, sometimes $ (rarely $) and other crap treasures.

In order to find these “caches,” one must have a cell phone with gps enabled, or a computer (check!)  There are MILLIONS of geocaches in the world.


I guarantee you there is one within a mile of where you are right now.  Maybe dozens.  I live out in B.F.E. and there are at least twenty in this tiny area alone!

Here’s where the fun comes in.  My boys love geocaching!  It’s fun, outdoorsy and best of all…FREE!

Go to and set up an account.  Type in your location and you will be amazed at all the hidden containers just waiting to be found.  You just upload the cache coordinates to your GPS, and you’re on your way!  The only rule is that you leave the container exactly where you find it, sign your name in the logbook, take a prize and leave one in return.  My boys love to take matchbox cars and coins to exchange for other toys they find in the cache.  I’m pretty sure there is a geocache hidden in every single cemetery and rest stop in the United States.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself.

A few tips:

Wear pants…some people like to hide them in tricky spots.

Bring a map printout of the location of the geocache in case your GPS doesn’t work.

Get a backpack and throw some small items in there in case you see something you want to exchange for.

Bring extra paper and a pen in case the log book in a cache has been ruined from rain.

Print out the hints or write them down.

Have a lot of stinkin’ fun!

Here’s a pic of the very first geocache my boys and I found about a mile from our house.  It was a tiny little capsule with a miniature school bus inside.  We had to sift through a huge spider and spiderweb to get to it. I heard of geocaching just an hour before this pic was taken, but it was raining.  I was so fascinated and had to check it out that I bundled them up and made them come with me, anyway!

So, there ya go!  A fun hobby right in time for summer.

10 thoughts on “Not a teaser. A teaser? No. But some really cool information!

  1. I totally love your posts. I can just imagine you getting all excited over this spiffy idea of a geocache and out of the blue dragging your kids off to immediately check it out. Butterflying awesome :*

  2. I came across this post because someone mentioned how you introduced her to geocaching! I made geocaching the center of my romance novel. It’s so much fun – and VERY addicting!!!!

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