The professional

This morning, my dear, sweet, caring husband asked me if I thought my blog was “professional” enough.  He stated the fact that my biography reads that I’m a ninja might turn people off.  He tried to sandwich this by saying that he loves my sense of humor, but now that people are actually reading my books, I might need to take a different approach to what I put out there for public consumption.  Comparing my site to other authors’ sites had him a little concerned.

I laughed at first, but then his words started to sink in.  What if I AM a little unprofessional?  What if my sarcastic posts DO turn people off?  I grabbed my laptop and was about to do some ‘research’ into perhaps creating a more professional feel to the things I’m putting out there for the public to see.  Before I ventured off into full-out author website stalker-mode, I decided to check my email first.  I couldn’t have made this email up, and how perfect the timing was.


The first 2 chapters had my heart fluttering. It takes a lot to do that. Layken and will > > You have such an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing it with the world (just don’t return to the world of ninja fighting anytime soon, I want more books!!!!). > > Sorry for being so demanding, I mean if you want to be a ninja instead of making my life better with amazing books then by all means.


lol.  What a perfect e-mail at a perfect time of paranoia.  Of course I read it out loud to my husband, and immediately thanked this reader for her sarcastic e-mail that saved me from the realm of professionalism.  😉

Now, back to kicking bad-guy ass!


20 thoughts on “The professional

  1. Do not change a thing!!!! I love reading your blog precisely FOR the sarcasm and wit….u always make me laugh 😀

  2. I absolutely love your butterflying behavior and sarcasm, without it you wouldn’t be you!!!! Don’t change a thing except for writing more amazing book to blow us away!!! No pressure!!! 🙂

  3. I freaking love your blogs! Please don’t change. It’s a relief from all the overly professional sites I just skim through. I don’t skim through yours 😉

    Please hurry with the next book! I’m having Will withdrawals!

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