And the winner is….

First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone that donated.  Jennifer and Clay are so grateful at the outpouring of support they have received.  Over 200 private and website donations were made, bringing the grand total to $4,520!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I assigned each donation a number and used to generate a number at random.  Each person was given a number for every $10 donated.  The number selected was #80.  Who did #80 belong to?


Channa Borman!!!

Congratulations and thanks again everyone for your donations!

Channa, I’ll be sending you an e-mail soon for more information.


9 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Thank you to everyone that donated to Clay, Jennifer and Aubree. The outpouring of love was overwhelming to my daughters family. May God Bless each of you and please keep the Evans family in your prayers. Thank you from Jennifer’s Mom.

  2. $4,520.00!!!!!!!! That’s awesome!!! See! Bookies are good for more than just warming a chair! LOL!!
    Oh, and Channa, I need to borrow a book. Just kidding girl, congrats!!!!
    Great job everyone!!!
    Prayers to Jennifer and Clay.
    Happy Mother’s day y’all!!!

  3. congrats channa! you hit the mother load!!!! 😉 what a wonderful cause and fantastic thing for you to do for your friends. it was my sweet when i first read about what you were doing, and it is once again my sweet to see how generous people were. i will continue to keep them in my prayers!

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