Which cussword did she say???

I butterflying LOVE my kindle. I love her so much, I came up with a fitting name for her. Kendall. Cute, huh?

I got a lot of writing done today. Mostly because I downloaded an app that had to have been invented by either Jesus Christ himself, or Steve Jobs. They’re one in the same, no?
This app allows me to right click on a document from my computer and click ‘send to kindle.’ Within a matter of seconds, my manuscript is sitting on the carousel in my kindle like a real book. I wish I would have known about this when I wrote my first two novels…it would have saved a helluva lot of time formatting in the end.

There’s a drawback, though. Because I love Kendall so much, I forgot about my family. This morning Heath woke me up and said he was going to the grocery store. He was gone for nearly three hours and when he got back, he walked into the house and yelled for the boys to come help him unload groceries. I told him the boys weren’t home, that I thought they had gone with him. (I really thought they did. I hadn’t seen them in three hours.) He starts to panic, thinking maybe they went to church on the church van. This freaked us out because they probably smelled like piss and wore mismatched clothes. I called my mom to make sure they weren’t there, and she said they weren’t. I started to panic when my HUSBAND starts laughing hysterically. The boys were hiding in his truck and they were playing an incredibly cruel joke on me. When he went outside to tell them it worked, my eight-year-old Cale said, “Which cussword did she say? I know she cussed, Daddy.” My husband said, “She said f*ck you.” Cale said, “I KNEW it!”

This is both hilarious and sad. Hilarious that my child was trying to guess which cussword I would say. Sad that he knew I would cuss. I really need to adopt the ‘butterfly’ method full-time.

14 thoughts on “Which cussword did she say???


    omg did u just want to bitch slap heath ……..f–kin mofo for scaring the shit out of u lol
    ohhhh i think i have a crush on heath now lol

  2. Oh… and he even let you make phone calls?!?! That would have called for more than a “f@ck you”! I woulda ran out of the house and pummeled them all while screaming obscenities! We actually were just talking today with family and my husband told them that he gets an education in cuss words from me, because most of the time they are very colorful and make up on the fly! Most of the time is is my “f@cktard!”..Damn, husbands anyway!

  3. OMG! I love your family! I’m fist bumpin Mr Colleen right now!
    Oh and I love the name Kendall.
    Mine is Ken Doll…not sure if I told you how he got his name??

      1. When my Kindle got delivered at my work I was really excited and squealed “yay, my Kindle has finally arrived”. One of the guys at work thought I said “my Ken Doll had arrived”. Ummmm….because I’d totally get a male blow up doll delivered to my work lol. Hence his name.!

  4. Oh Colleen, your whole family is Butterflying awesome!!!! Kendell is a great name for your kindle!!!! Keep up the great work missy!!!!

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