What’s goin’ on?

Just a little update on the book front.

So I know I already announced that I would be doing an Eddie and Gavin story.   I’ve only been in this industry for a few months, so I’m learning.  One of the things I’ve learned is that I find it much harder to write if I know something is expected of me.  Hence the reason why this story isn’t flowing like I’d want it to.  I don’t want to put something out there that I’m not in love with.  I know this story will happen, I just have to be patient while the characters reveal a little more to me.

I re-started on a novel I had already panned out a couple of months ago.  As I was writing it, I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to finish it.  Not because I didn’t love it…because I DO!  But because I was afraid YOU GUYS wouldn’t love it.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so now that’s what I’m currently working on.  I decided that Slammed and Point of Retreat were written before my attention was all over the place, and they just flowed out of me because I was focused on the characters and the book itself rather than trying to write what I felt I should write.  So I’ll take this as another lesson learned.  I honestly think that if I don’t love the shit out of what I’m writing, it’ll show.

Which leads me to my next book.  This book I thought of…let’s see…four hours ago?  I woke up at four o’clock this morning and couldn’t stop thinking about this idea.  I immediately got out of bed and went and input my ideas into the laptop.  The excitement I feel for this book is on the same level I had for SLAMMED and POR, so I’m REALLY feeling it.  So, so, so excited.

I can’t tell you much about it yet, but I will tell you that it’s also a young adult contemporary romance.  And…it’s also emotional.  And VERY intense.  🙂  Why does that excite me so???

Anyway…so now I have THREE things going on right now.  And while I can’t promise you which one will be the first one I finish, just know that I will finish them.  If not all three, at least two.  Unless I get an even better idea along the way.  I love not feeling pressured, not being stuck to a deadline, not being glued to a particular book.  My creative juices flow when they have the freedom to do so.

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for being patient as I figure out the next book.  It’s surreal to think that it’s only May and I’ve put two books out in the last five months. So here’s to hoping I can get that many more put out by the end of the year.  Again, not promising.  Just dreaming. 🙂

17 thoughts on “What’s goin’ on?

  1. Colleen, Please do what you feel, we will love it!!! No pressure, you have an amazing gift and we will Butterflying love everything that you write!!!!

  2. I was otherwise engaged yesterday to see this post, but I have to tell you that I am super excited over anything you write. Seriously, I bet your grocery list would even be exciting to read. Write what you feel and what comes easiest to you and I will be waiting to read it and pimp the crap out of it! *wink*

  3. I’m the exact same way. In fact, it’s pretty awesome that you set down your limitations ahead of time…sometimes the mere IDEA of expectations being set in these situations is enough to freeze all creativity right out of me.

    I guess it’s something published authors deal with on a constant basis…but ironically, I think non-published authors that share their work (on sites such as Wattpad) are subjected to the worst of it. I honestly don’t know how some of them put up with the “fans” that constantly demand they update faster, often leaving really nasty comments and threats to “un-fan” them or some s* like that. Often the author has a full time job (or in many cases is either still in high-school or juggling college courses), obviously not making a dime off their work – yet people still set such unbelievable expectations on their shoulders….grrr.

    *PS, sorry for the rant…for some reason I immediately thought of this after reading your post. And I sympathize. Regardless of the turnout, Slammed and POR were unbelievable reads. You deserve to feel pride in that*

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