A signed giveaway. Let’s play a game!

I’d love to give away another signed copy of SLAMMED.  It has been almost two days since my last free giveaway.  Can’t have me dragging my ass.

Anyway, so I thought of this really cool game we could play.  Here are the rules.

1)You must live in Massachusetts

2) You must be married to someone whose name starts with an ‘N’

3) You must also be named Amy Burt

Okay, those are the rules.  LET’S PLAY!

Things you learned this month. *You* being *me*

1) Stop reading so many books.

2) NEVER set a date for your next book release. It puts the pressure on and becomes less fun. The creativity flows better when you’re having fun.

3) Accept that these things ebb and flow, so just grab a float, lie back and relax.

4) Sometimes unplugging is a better cure than diet pepsi.

5) Camaraderie is your best f*cking friend in the world, so make sure you have plenty of it.

6) Patience. Patience, patience, patience. Oh, and patience.

7) Get off the damn internet! At least for 23 hours a day.

8) Never base your success off of the success of others. Base your success off of the completion of what it is you were trying to succeed to begin with.

9) Start reading more books.

10) Be careful who you accept advice from.

11) Do what worked the first time. Simple as that.

12) Quit dissing Nickelback in public. Quit telling people that the singers voice is like torture to your ears. Quit telling people that when you picture them in your mind, they are all characters from Napolean Dynamite. Quit telling people that you would rather bash your head against a wall of nails than listen to their music. It’s just not nice. It’s in poor taste. I’m not going to do that anymore.

13) Quit shoving THE AVETT BROTHERS music down people’s throats.

14) Quit writing stupid shit like what you just wrote in number thirteen. That’s what you were put on this earth to do.

15) Shove THE AVETT BROTHERS music down people’s throats, straight into their heart and embed it into their soul.

16) Readers are the reason you write. Keep giving them free books, they deserve it.

17) Learn how to hide the free books you give away from your husband just a little bit better.

18) Stop reading so many books.

19) Start reading more books.

20) Quit writing so many lists and go write another damn book!

21) I love my 21. My lifeline to a more peaceful existence.