Winners, winning, non-losing people who are winning!

Okay, after having to sift through all of those comments, I would say it is safe to say that one of the winners was Chris!  And the other?  Blair!  Oh, and Beckham decided to pull two names out at one time, so lucky Samantha gets a book too!  Email me your addresses and which book you want.  Thanks everybody.  You know as soon as my cheap-ass husband turns his head, I’ll be doing another one!!!! (I love you, Husband)

6 thoughts on “Winners, winning, non-losing people who are winning!

  1. Im a winner……………………….so happy!!!!! Thanks for being the sweet today!!!!!!!
    My hubby says I act like I won the lottery!!!! Thanks girlie!!!!
    Later, babe

  2. Colleen….how frustrating….I went to Amazon to try to send u the 2nd book and this is what it told me:

    Looking for something?
    We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site

    Go to’s Home Page

    What is that Colleen? I would love to send u the next two books if I knew how and when the “webpage” starts functioning again. I will try later. I have never loaned a book so bear with me………………………………

    I went to manage your kindle then went to my library and found fifty shades darker then clicked on loan this title and the above message came up. Got any ideas?

  3. OK…went to amazon help. They said each title has a “loan this title” above the books name when you purchase it. Well…..sorry girl. No such luck. I think EL James did not want us to loan her book. booooooooooo. Can I try and loan you another one instead?

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