If you hate death, don’t read this.

You are morbid!  Who likes death?

Beckham came home from my mother’s house yesterday with a new pet caterpillar.  I’m pretty sure he’s held it and squished it so much that it’s internally bleeding to death, but who am I to take away a caterpillar from a seven-year-old?

He wanted to make a home for it, so Cale suggested using the plastic aquarium from their bedroom that housed a baby turtle they found last month.

Wait….turtle?  Last month?  How come I haven’t heard of this?

Levi brings the aquarium into the living room to make a caterpillar habitat, and I notice a small turtle tucked away in the corner of the aquarium.  I asked them if that was a ‘live’ turtle.

“He used to be alive…” Cale said.  “But we sort of forgot we had him.”

Oh, Jesus.  I have no hope for the caterpillar.



5 thoughts on “If you hate death, don’t read this.

  1. My Brayden did the same thing with a lizard! I had no idea he’d even caught it until he got upset because it died. When I asked where it came from he told me he found it “last week”. I’m not sure who I felt worse for, the lizard or the kid!

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