Oh. My. Freaking. Word. Part. TWO!!!

In the past few days Slammed has gone from around 40,000 in overall Amazon e-books to the 600’s!!!  That’s AMAZING!!!!   Thank you soooo much to everyone who shared the link on www.Maryse.net  for Slammed.  And thank you Maryse for reading my book, loving it, and writing such a bemazing review!  And thank you to Christina for sharing it with Maryse on her amazing facebook page.  And thank you to Sandra Jean for leading me to Maryse’s page.  And thank you AGAIN to everyone who read it, will read it, tried to read it, bought it and never got around to reading it, downloaded it and read some of it, said you read it but never really did, knows someone who read it, read a blog about it, and even thanks to those of you who have never even heard of it.  Did I cover everyone?  Good!

And if you haven’t already, feel free to share this link on facebook!  Maryse’s website deserves a ton of shares.  http://www.maryse.net/books/contemporary-romance/book-review-slammed-by-colleen-hoover.html

15 thoughts on “Oh. My. Freaking. Word. Part. TWO!!!

    1. Bravo Maryse!! I bought it too because of your reviews…it’s about the 5th book I get AFTER I decided to take a break from buying books, but this one had you soooo excited that I couldn’t wait. I’m in the middle of a book now, but “Slammed” is the next one I’m reading! Can’t wait!!! And if it’s as good as it seems, Colleen Hoover might just become my new favorite author. Keep me posted on her new releases.

  1. Book was amazing! Read it in a day today. Thanks for the recommendation Maryse! I even looked up The Avett Brothers on itunes 🙂


  2. Of course it has….it’s an AWESOME story. I’ve read Slammed three times already and currently my daughter is reading it! Love the story! Downloaded Point of Retreat last night and stayed up ALL NIGHT long reading it. I couldn’t put it down!!! I love all the characters! Please say there is more to come!

  3. I too bought it because of Maryse’s excitement. We have similar taste in books, so anything she gets that excited about, I have to get! I can’t wait to start it. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this book! I read Maryses rewew this morning, and bought the book at once! I am still crying… And now i will have to few hours left to sleep. But soo worth it, cause i REALLY loved it!! So again; thank you so much!

    Most grateful….

    Ann-Theres in Norway.

    1. You know, I’m not sure what kobo is at all. I do know that on March 30th, my exclusive contract with Amazon ends and I will be able to load it to Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. So, I’ll look into that. Check back on the 31st!

      1. I’m a Kobo user too and unfortunately your books isn’t on there yet. Hoping to see it there soon

  5. Kobo is the primary ebook reader sold in Canada. I have the kindle app on my iPhone but my eyes are reading sensitive when reading too much on it because of the back light, hence why I bought an ebook reader.

    Smashwords sells Kobo-compatible books (epubs) so even that would be great!

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