Suckity suck suck suck!

I would like to preface this blog post by informing you, the reader, that it is going to be a whiney, unhappy, negative vent.  Mmmkay?

Well, we will start with yesterday.  I woke up to find my book gone from Amazon.  Amazon can’t figure it out.  None of the links work.  The paperback form is there, but the book is gone.  So, with that said, the only solution was to republish it.  Not a big deal, right?  WRONG!  I tried republishing it, but Amazon still can’t find it.  The only possible thing that can be done at this point is to delete it entirely and re-upload it as a new book.  The problem with this is, ALL MY reviews and rankings will VANISH!  And once the new book goes live, the only way people can leave another review is if they re-purchase it.  So, it will be just like starting over again.

To top that off, I was cut from the ABNA competition.  That was the least of my sucks for the day.  I expected it.  They were only judging on a few pages of the beginning and that was a bunch of backstory…so I was excited to make it that far.

Another suck was that since my book was deleted, none of the links on any of the interviews or blogs I’ve done will work anymore.  So if readers read those, it will take them to a dead page.  I know.  Whaaaaa!

Then, to top it off, this morning I was emailing my friend (sort of venting) and accidentally sent it to one of the agents who has my manuscript, instead.   Wasn’t that big a deal, she was cool about it.  But still, always check the last names of the people you are emailing!  Always!  Never don’t not check!

But, let me open-face sandwich this vent with some sweets so that I’ll feel a little better.

-I’m going to watch the hunger games tomorrow night.

-My hubby and I went on a date and watched 21 jump street last night.  (Slow to start but was freaking hilarious!)

-I love the rain and we are getting plenty of it.

-I was able to print out all my reviews so when they are officially deleted from Amazon I’ll still be able to go back and read them when I have bad days like this.

-I love my job.

-I still have arms.

-My sister is having a bad week, too.  (Not that it makes me happy.  Like she said, it just helps when someone else’s day sucks, too.)

-I have chocolate in my purse for later.

-And last, but not least.  Diet pepsi.  It never lets me down. (Unless I buy it out of date from weaver store)

17 thoughts on “Suckity suck suck suck!

  1. That does suck but maybe you leave a link in the new book description linking them to a page here on your website with all the deleted reviews , assuming you can copy them before the book is deleted. That way people can still read all the rave reviews you have. Maybe its a crazy idea but it stinks that you have to start over.

  2. You worry me. I find myself afraid to read what you write, but I put my brave pants on, read it anyways then I laugh. Sometimes I feel like a bi-polar reader (but only when I read a Colleen Hoover blog or book). So many mixed emotions, absolutely makes my day. Lol thanks, Tammy

  3. Thanks guys. I just unpublished it, then republished it under a different ISBN. But now, the one I just unpublished miraculously showed up again. And the new one I am currently publishing is ‘in review’ and can’t be deleted. So now I go from zero books to two of the same. lol. Come on already, Thursday!

  4. I just downloaded the sequel and I am really looking forward to reading it! As an over 40 mom, I didn’t really think that this series would be thing but ultimately the novel is about really interesting PEOPLE. I didn’t have any difficulty finding either book, and their many positive reviews, on Amazon so hopefully that is solved for you!

  5. That does Suck Colleen… Still havent had the chance to get a copy of Point of Retreat… But you know what might make you feel better? If you have a Twitter account, type in your name and see the results! Might make ya smile:D Just a Suggestion!

    1. 🙂 You still haven’t read it? Dude! Send me your amazon account email addy and I’ll digitally send you a copy. Or tell Stormie to do a digital loan on it from her amazon account. 😉

  6. Wait a second, Colleen — you’ve had chocolate in your purse this entire time and never said a word? Gee thanks!

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