I hope all my friends read this.

In high school, people choose their friends based more on convenience than anything. Whoever sits next to you in class, whoever lives closest to you, whoever likes the same music as you, your teammates.
But when you get older, you choose people to be in your life for completely different reasons. You choose people you have things in common with. People that can relate to you. People you feel comfortable sharing a piece of your soul with.
Now, these people aren’t going to be 100% in sync with you all the time. Sometimes your friends will piss you off. Sometimes they’ll annoy the hell out of you. But sometimes….sometimes they will amaze you. They will love you. They will love your children, too. That’s why you chose them to be in your life. Because you love them, too.

A simple definition of friendship:
1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.

If this were really how cut and dry friendship was, then pretty much everyone would consider themselves friends. There are people out there I can’t stand, but I would still help them in a struggle or a cause…that doesn’t make us friends. Therefore, I’d like to add my own definition of friendship.

Friends: Two people that can find themselves at an impasse, but will navigate around that impasse, up the hill, over the mountain, and somehow hold hands on their way back down.

Cheesy? Maybe. But isn’t that what it’s all about? Being able to get over the hurdles of being human long enough to swallow your pride and remember all the great things that drew you to that person in the first place?

Grudges can be an ugly thing. You can tell yourself you are better off without each other, but in the long run you are only lying to yourselves. So please, do me a favor and let go of the hurt. Forget about it. Wad it all up into a ball and hang it from your damn ceiling and throw darts at it. It doesn’t do anyone any good. No one wins…everyone loses. I for one don’t want to be a spectator in a game where both teams lose. I’d rather it end in a tie.
So now the question is, who is going to grab whose hand first and walk them down that mountain?

3 thoughts on “I hope all my friends read this.

  1. This was very good!! I have had certain friends in my life over the years, those who have been there for only a season, those for a reason & those who have stuck with me & climbed up & down those mountains, those are the ones I consider my true friends. If we have a handful of them in this life we are very blessed!! I have also taken way too much from so called friends & stayed in “friendships” way too long, now I realize they werent friends at all but someone to merely teach me things I needed to learn, Im not sure which case this is,I do know its very hurtful, but I hope it also ends in a tie nonetheless, where everyone can walk away with dignity & respect.

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