“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I’ve written a long one instead.”

This quote has been attributed to Blaise Pascal, Mark Twain, Voltaire and probably many others as well.
The meaning of the quote is that if you have a lot to say, it’s much harder to condense it and make it meaningful than it is to draw it out. How accurate.

As I worked on the pitch for Slammed, I had to keep it under 300 words. If you’ve read Slammed, you know there is a whole heck of a lot that goes down. How do you condense 70,000 words into only 300, while at the same time having the goal of leaving people that read the pitch wanting to read even more? It’s tough. I went insane. I edited and second-guessed my pitch for four days straight. So much so, that I called my mother no less than fifteen times AFTER midnight last night.

I finally developed something I’m happy with…if I ignore the advice of the experts. You see, they say a good pitch doesn’t even need 300 words; that the better the writer, the shorter the pitch. A one sentence pitch that leaves the reader wanting to buy the book is considered genius. So, I dallied around with one sentence pitches and this is all I could come up with:

“Slammed is good, Nickelback is not.”

I think it needs a little more work.

If you want to read my final blurb, pitch, spiel, whatever….click on ‘slammed’ at the top of this page. And by the way, the book is going on sale for .99 cents tomorrow for a limited time if you have any broke friends that could use an escape.

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