Mortified? Check!

I sent my manuscript to someone who agreed to look at some questions I was having. I attached the wrong one. I didn’t realize this until I got the feedback from her….politely telling me my chapter headings didn’t fit well with the novel. I was mortified. 
You see….as I was writing the rough draft I found entertainment in being creative for my own personal strange reason. Instead of writing ‘chapter 2’ and moving on…I would write something like ‘Chapter who the hell cares?’    It got worse as the rough draft progressed. I believe chapter ten was temporarily titled ‘this used to be chapter ten until Chuck Norris came along and roundhoused it all the way to hell.’
So….you can see how embarrassing this was having someone see all my pointless chapter headings that were never intended for public consumption. Fml.

9 thoughts on “Mortified? Check!

  1. Good Job there sister! I started sending out my NON updated resume for awhile. See we DO have something in common.

  2. ROFL!!! I almost fell out of bed just now! Wouldn’t you have loved to see her face when she read that “Chuck Norris” chapter heading?

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