Beckham cut his hair…just like Layken.

 When my husband came home last night, he asked Beckham what happened to his hair.  Beckham said he cut it.  I suppose this happened around Wednesday, and I didn’t even notice.  I am probably the most unobservant person in the entire world.  Just ask my boss, Stephanie.  My constant state of oblivion is a game to her.


On another note, go to and check out his blog review of Slammed.  My absolute favorite review EVER!  Everyone needs to thank this author by downloading one of his ebooks!  Pay it forward, right?

No teaser today.  I’m taking the week off.  So should you. 🙂


One thought on “Beckham cut his hair…just like Layken.

  1. LOL!!!! You didn’t even notice… were probably too busy writing for me so I wouldn’t break your legs when you came to work on Thursday with no new pages!! This is hilarious. I laughed out loud when I read this post.

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