Afflicted (with a goooood teeeeaaaassseeeeeeerrrrrr)

(Define: afflicted 1. A condition of pain, suffering, or distress.)

What a troublesome word.  Think about it.  To be afflicted by something to the point of distress and suffering?  SUCK!  No one wants to be in that state of mind.  No one wants to be hurt like that…especially our beloved characters Layken and Will.  (gasp!)

Unfortunately, that’s the intriguing title to my now 40% complete second novel; Afflicted. 

And now, a teaser from Afflicted:

Layken:   “Stop saying that!  Please!  I don’t carve pumpkins anymore!”

Will:       “You don’t?  Really?  You’re carving them right now, Lake!  It’s been twenty-four hours and you still won’t let me talk to you about it.”

(Oh, that Lake.  Always carving pumpkins.  Hey, want to see if you’re a lucky character that made it into afflicted?  Come back tomorrow!)



7 thoughts on “Afflicted (with a goooood teeeeaaaassseeeeeeerrrrrr)

  1. I’m so excited! You know every good novel needs a funny, compassionate, goofy, butchy female character. Just sayin. 😉

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