Yes, that’s a freaking cake!

I just don’t feel like one blog post was enough to express how grateful I am for everyone yesterday.  It means so much to me that everyone came out to support my book.

And I can’t believe my baby sister flew in all the way from Wyoming to surprise me.

And that my awesome co-workers completely lied about our schedule Monday and I actually have the day off to spend with my sisters.

And that Anette Johnson actually hand made this awesome cake.

And that Jim Avett actually called to congratulate me.

And that slam poet Marty Schoenleber actually performed and recorded one of the poems from my book for me.

And that my best friend Jamie was awesome enough to make it happen.

And that my mother is SUCH a good liar.  Such a good liar, it’s scary.

And that my big sister was able to contain this surprise for so long without spilling the beans or accidentally emailing me about it.

And that my baby boy, Beckham survived his head on collision with a pole.

And that it really WASN’T my grandfather’s surprise party.

Seriously?  I love my life.  LML!

You all suck in the best way!

Just had the most amazing surprise party! Can’t believe I have so many awesome friends in my life. Loved that we had basagna and everyone signed a pink balloon.  Awesome, awesome, awesome. It was so bemazing,   I’m writing everyone a poem that had a part in my celebration today.  Even if you didn’t have a part in it, the fact that you’re reading this gets you some credit too!

Ode to my friends and family

The fact that you made me cry

Should show you how much I was surprised

Because I don’t cry

I just don’t

Unless I’m forced to listen to Nickelback

That’s the only other time I cry

And the only time I wish I would die

Because it makes my brain fry

Crap.  Nickelback did it again.

Hijacked yet another poem.

They’re trying to ruin my day.

I need some Avett….Stat! 

Thanks everyone! Especially for the phone call!  😉