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Maybe Someday Soundtrack Website


Hopeless fan made-trailer by Mollie Harper of Tough Critic Book Reviews

SLAMMED fan made trailer by Mollie Harper of Tough Critic Book Reviews

Maybe Someday fan made trailer by Mollie Harper of Tough Critic Book Reviews

“THE LAKE” A poem from SLAMMED performed by poet Marty Schoenleber.

CBS Morning Show interview.

NBC Nightline Interview

USA Today Book Review

Kirkus Review



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Hello, I am from Czech republic and me and my friends love you a love your books. We are your fans and your books are amazing. Bez nadĕje(Hopeless) and Ztracená nadĕje (Losing hope) are my favourite book and i read it again and again :) You are my favourite writer :)



Full sensitivity, gorgeous book every day more admire his work.not have words to describe how much I loved reading every page. congratulations.♥♥♥;)

I really love your books. The poems I’m Slammed are so amazing. You really are talented Colleen Hoover *sigh*

I LOVE the Slammed fan-made trailer. I love that book to death. I Love all of your books but Slammed will always have a special spot in my heart. I didn’t know what Slam Poetry was and through his book, I was introduced into a world that, ironically, was my world back then. I was fond of writing poems back in highschool and I don’t know why I stopped. Maybe it was because I started going to college and got immersed with thesis and all that, but now, after reading Slammed, I was re-introduced to Poetry at the same time as I was introduced to a kind of poetry i didn’t know existed. So thank you Colleen. Thank you so much.

I just want to share this bit though. My mom and I had a fight a few days ago. (The reason is trivial but we’re both stubborn and so much of the opposite in so many things so it turned into a big deal) So two nights ago I told about this to a friend (which is a guy friend, nothing more. he’s just a brother to me and he treats me like his sister, which is nice.) and he told me that i should go talk to my mom. So i got fed up and yelled “No, i don’t want to talk to her. I’m going to carve pumpkins forever.” He was… He was very confused. He asked me what i said was supposed to mean and i told him i’m sorry, that i got that expression from the book I just read and well, since he’s my friend, he’s used to me entering lines from books between our conversations. But he made me explain what that means and so i did and then he understood. So he was like “Well, you can’t carve pumpkins forever. She’s your mother.” It was in that exact moment that I became so thankful of a friend and a book in my whole life that I forced him to read Slammed.

He’s stil reading it and he loves Will’s poems.. :)

You also introduced me to an amazing band… I am so In LOVE with them.

I just watched all your extras. Very cool! I did not know your story and it’s great! I have read all of your books so far! I plan to read all of your future ones as well because I have LOVED every single one! Congrats!

if Hopeless/Losing Hope are ever made into a movie i think Drew Roy should play Hodler

So my mom suggested I read Hopeless. I started it and got a little more half way through when a sense of deja vu kicked it. I called my mom and question the end of story to find out I know the ending without reading it.

So I have a question. Have you ever had this story anywhere else before you published it? I just can’t place my finger on how I guessed the ending!

Linda Stansfield May 23, 2013 at 9:23 PM

OMG…….I love the poem, but hearing him recite it, I BUTTERFLYING LOVE IT!!!!!! He was fantastic……..thank you for sharing this with us. :)

I butterflying LOVED it!!!

I love slammed and point of retreat is my favorite! I wish the book would continue its so sad to see the series end. I fell in love with Will and Lake, their whole family actually! I love it! It’s inspiring and heartbreaking and something i can read over and over again.

Do you think that you would write a story for Eddie now that she is pregnant. There’ll be two love stories! Her baby and Gavin!

This series are the best series ever and trust me I’ve read a lot of books i’s just perfect and knowing Will’s past I can say is Bemazing I can wait for April I’m to excited to know that I’m finally going to have that book in my hands

I love to read. I love to read series more. I love to read GOOD series even more than that! You are my Avett brothers of books! It saddens me to see that “This Girl” is the last we will hear of my favorite love story (Romeo and Juliet can suck it! Lol). I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the series immensely and although I will always have them in the books, it’s painful not to get any new updates on my favorite people. I cannot wait this spring break to read my signed copy of Hopeless (met you in Dallas). Thank you for such indelible characters.

PLEASE, please, please write Hopeless from Holder’s point of view!! That little extra you gave us only lit the fire to want to read the story from his perspective.

This book has given me a serious appreciation for poetry!

Loved, loved, loved the reading! He’s amazing. PUSH was incredible, brought tears to my eyes. And the fan made trailer was great!!

…And of course you’re pretty awesome too ;) lol.

The poetry reading was so awesome…
Honestly, that was one of the first things that attracted me to this series, a mutual love for poetry and romance
I would totally love to do a reading of one of the amazing poems from the book :)

Seriously, Colleen… could you be any more wonderful? How you manage to raise a family, write EXCEPTIONAL novels, travel the country on book tours, read (and recommend other great books) and continue to give so much to your readers — almost like you can read our minds — never ceases to amaze me. Despite the fact that I’m older than you, I still hope to be just like you when I grow up. Thank you for everything!

I just finished reading Hopeless. I could not put it down. In the first time in my life, I now understand why I feel the things I do. I am a survivor. Thank you for sharing your book with me!

That was so BUTTERFLYING amazing!! The performer was awesome gave me cold chills

Watching someone recite The Lake made it even more Bemazing!!

wow loved the slam he performed and the video for the book it was amazing!!!

Butterfly! He brought tears to my eyes and chills to my body when he read “The Lake.” Holy butterfly. I love it.

wow. that was great!

He is a very talented man…I got chills just listening to him!! Of course, we have to credit the author too;)


Absolutely amazing. Intense… Loved it. I can see how “push” motivated you, I am forcing everyone I know to listen. Thanks for sharing.

AMAZING!!!! Tears are running down my face— it was so beautiful!!!!!

OM B G!!! You must have amazing friends to do that for you! Now It make the book even more real!! Thanks you for sharing!

Love Marty Schoenleber III’s poem, “Push”. I was thrilled to hear his version of Will’s “sacrifice” piece from “Slammed”!

Natalie Ballesteros July 1, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Uhmmmm.I just got goosebumps.hahaha.that was great.when I first read slammed I had no idea what it was or how it was done.so I immediately looked it up on youtube.once I saw a couple videos ,I pictured each Slam on Slammed.this slam,is exactly how I pictured it:sad cuz Will loves Lake but can’t have her.I love this slam.it’s cute and just wow.and I love how this poet did it.pretty dang amazing!

Butterflying bemazing!
When I read this slam when I was reading the book, I was swooning at the end. Absolutely perfect!

WOW!!! I was having a hard time thinking of my “sweet” for this boring Monday but I shall look no further!!! Amazing!!!

WOW! When I was imagining Will performing this in the book THIS is what I saw in my head. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing that!

Definitely Bemazing. This makes me want to read the book again and when I get to this part I will play this video.

Gave me goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Butterflying amazing!! He brought the words to life in way better than I ever imagined! Wonderful books that I loved and devoured.

Oh wow…I mean…wow….I feel very small right now…tiny…naked…raw

So, post SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT reading I was so wrapped up in love with Will I didn’t think I would come out for a while, but i think I just did…for Marty – bemazing, I totally had to creep on him on YouTube too, and now I must go sit on my deck and listen to all the others, his voice…did it just get a little hot in here? yes, yes it did! (Marty, if you have a girlfriend/wife let her know now I apologize now for all inappropriate thoughts while listening to your work)

Thank you for this…I can’t get enough of this series: HUGE FAN! I read the excerpt from possible book 3 this morning, now the poem means even more to me :)

Oh I so loved this. It was like if I was Will speaking… *swoons*

that was butterflyingly phenomenal!!!

I read both of your books recently and loved them. How not to love them? So now that I watched this video, I’m all ready to read Slammed all over again. Gosh, he’s good! :)

WOW, that was fanfuckingtabulous:) Not only was it awesome to hear outloud but he just made it perfect………………….

I am happy to say I just read your book last night it took me appx 17hrs to devour it and this morning for 15mins at work i was reading the epilouge howling like a baby! You touched my heart and made me want to go to a Slam event I have told all my book reader nerds here at work to read it and i am waiting patiently for them to catch up so we can read the second installment together!! I have heard it is from Will’s POV..can’t wait. Oh and by the way this version of the Lake is amazing! I loved all your poetry but Lake’s Schooled and Will’s Better than Third just absolutly touched me..you are amazing!!!!!!!

WOW!! I just finished the second book last night and I will have to say that you opened something in me that I never knew I was missing.. I LOVE your books! they were “bemazing” I felt like there was something so soulful in them and just touched me. I cant express enough to you that we need MORE! lol
I just want to thank you! I may be a cry baby when it comes to books but this didnt just make me smile and cry it awoke something in my soul! just like you say. I have never had a desire to go and see poetry read but now… well now how can I NOT!?

He totally has to play Will in the movie. :o)

Just watched this again with my husband. Yep. I cried. I freaking love this book, this performance, this author!

AAAAHHH! I BUTTERFLYING loooooooooooooove this! Omg! BEMAZING for sure! <33333 Wow, I'm star-struck right now! WOOOOOW!

Glad I’m home alone, because I just found myself about 2 inches away from my monitor during that and holding my breath! Holy crap..I’m thinkin he would make a fan-freakin-tasmic Will! I want to see him do ALLLL of them! Simply amazing!

Tears, I have tears. Lord, i love this book! Re-reading it again this week! And I’m dead serious about finding a “book box” for my cherished copy of Slammed!

OMG, Just saw this. Amazing. Loved hearing/seeimg a slam being performed. I want more!!! LOL

Um, so… I ‘tried’ to Slam “Mean” … with my webcam. Didn’t turn out so hot. lol.

Wow!!! That is incredible.

Love that, so butterflying much!!

That was great, and it makes me want to read the books all over again!!! Love you Colleen!!!!! Thanks for some butterflying awesome stories!!!!!!

WOW!!! I’ve NEVER seen ANYTHING like that… EVER!!! So powerful.

Amazing! Just finished the book and it was absolutely wonderful. Thank you!

Oh. My. I will HAVE to come watch this over and over. Wow. Love your book, love this video. thank you both!

I may need to tape “Write Poorly” once I get it off page.

What’s funny is I watched this before I read the book. So when I got to that part, I was like, “This is REALLY freakin’ familiar… WHY is this familiar?” It freaked me out more that I seemed to HEAR someone doing it… (*facepalm*) You’ll be glad to know that it did eventually come to me…
(Dude, I need more sleep. That’s the only explanation.)

WOW that was “butterfly” PERFECT!

Wow. There are no words. Special request for them all to be performed like this. Bemazing to say the least!

Omg that made me tear up at the end!! <3

Wow…just wow. Can you please get him to read Will’s other poems too. :)

Never thought of him as Will but he is now a contender. Too adorable.

This was amazing! I loved your books! I love him too, lol.

Man, if I could sound like that, I’d definitely do one for you lol

ps- when your books do get made into movies (maybe both books into 1 movie), you better hire me to help with casting!!!!! that’s my background bitches! lol

holy freaking balls of fire. he is not only adorable (swoon), but talented and amazing! this was freaking unbelievable!!!!! cast him as will. now. lol

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