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  1. Slammed in paperback is no longer available on amazon. Will it return for sale? I so enjoyed it and want it on my bookshelf with my other favorites! Please let me know.


      1. I would also like to know if there is to be a third book. I really enjoyed these books.
        I noticed there was not a reply to this question.

      2. There most definitely is! It’s supposed to be out in April!! Click on “Extras” at the top for the first 2 chapters.

      3. Hi Coleen, I’ve just finished Hopeless. Its one of the best books I’ve read, do you plan on writing another book about Holder and Skys future?

      4. I agree to this post about a second part to Hopeless. I just finished this today and would love to see another book about Sky and Holder released.

  2. I just want to say that I only read Slammed today and I’m in awe. I looked you up and saw you big, personal “thank you”on your blog and I’m inspired. THANK YOU for sharing. You might not know it, I just want to say, people like you are what makes this world a better place to live in and what makes God or which ever being you believe in not strike us down and end us all this very minute. You INSPIRE me to push my boundaries. THANK YOU! and yes I will be putting in an order. =) This is the only book I’ve read as an ebook and want to buy a physical copy after. (That’s a real honor coming from me, who hates clutter.) =)

  3. i read both books and they are fantastic! i sent money through paypal for both of them, and i looked up The Avett Brothers on youtube and i love them! i hope you write tons of more books(:

  4. Hey Colleen! I am now a huge fan of your “Slammed” series! I fell in love with Will as soon as Lake got out of the U-haul! All I can say is thank you for doing what you do! I am also wondering if you are making any more books for the “Slammed” series? :)

  5. I read “Slammed” as it was a suggestion from Amazon. WOW. I fell in love and read both books within 3 days!! Thank you for such amazing books. I cant wait for “Will’s Story”
    You have a fan for life!!!

  6. I will be ordering these before the new ones come out. I am starting a collection of original books before they got publishers.

    1. I just ordered a copy of both books!!! I will be adding them to my collection after I read them!!! :-D

  7. I sooooo want a signed book,a real one like OMG !! i love it but… i can’t buy it i live in Narnia :( It almost makes me want to cry ! ugh

  8. Colleen, I read both of your books in One day! I laughed,Cried, and could not put them down! I cant wait to read your book from Wills Point of View! I feel like Slammed AND Point of Retreat changed my life.

  9. May I know how long you’re going to indie publish since Simon & Schuster now have your rights? you deserve it but I’m afraid that I can’t have your signed book. I live in Indonesia and I don’t have credit card now. I’ve try to apply but it so hard to get it for the first time. I need more time so that I can have account in paypal ;-(

  10. Are we still able to purchase signed copies here? Or is it a no no now that you’re signed to Atria?

  11. Hey,
    Trying really hard to buy slammed for my sister but can’t get in anywhere in the uk! :/
    Amazon just has a page with a new seller at £20!
    How come amazon are not selling this book or anywhere else?


      1. Ah right so will be able to buy these books in the uk soon? She is dying to get going on them after reading all the reviews! :)
        If you could let me know what’s happening I appreciate it. Thanks!

  12. Hey, kind of random but I heard somewhere once upon a time that you were going to be at Decatur Book Festival. is that true, and if so are you going to be signing books there?

  13. Hi Colleen! I just want to say that I so much loved your books. I seriously can’t wait for 2013! More butterflying power to you! :D Love lots!

  14. Hey Colleen,
    We emailed back and forth about signed paperbacks a while back but never actually got around to doing anything about it and now I cant seem to find the link for it. Can you please direct me to the right spot and tell me that I’m not too late!!!

  15. Hi Colleen, I really love your books and would love signed copies if possible. How can we make that happen? Please email me when possible.

  16. I posted your giveaway on the my facebook page, I’m unclear where I sign up for this giveway for myself. Any clarification?

  17. I just sat and read Slammed in one sitting and I have never cried at a book so much in life.I cant wait to start reading the next one.Thank you so much,it isnt often that a story can touch you quite like this one did.

  18. Just finished Slammed and Point of Retreat. Let me just say you have me now listening to The Avett Brothers and even though the sound is not something I usually listen too, the lyrics suck you in and I can’t get out!! I feel bad considering I live 30 min. from Concord but no time like the present! Also I finished both of these books in a day. I literally put one down and picked up the second one! I love you! (in a non-stalker type way) I butterflying love you Colleen. (:

  19. I have already read “Slammed” but right now I’m on chapter 8 in “Point of Retreat” and this morning i was listening to my iPod and when a song call “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars was playing i intensely thought of Lake and Will and how Lake was giving him “time to think” about their relationship. :)

  20. I just finished Point of Retreat after starting Slammed only 3 days ago (huge for me!!) and I am absolutely in love with your story that I immediately had to find a way to contact you! I was completely lost in both books and I already feel withdrawal! I just wanted to say thanks for being you and creating such amazing work. I am soooo excited to see there’s a third book!!! Can’t wait! :)

  21. I AM A HUGE FAN OF YOURS. I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE MY PERSONAL COPY OF HOPELESS. Will it be available in paperback soon ? And will it be available in the Philippines ?

  22. Is Hopeless going to be in paperback in the UK? If so, do you know when? I want a physical copy as well an ebook… it’s that good.

  23. I really want to read hopeless but its not available in paperback on amazon UK! Do you know when it will be?

  24. I loved reading slammed and point of retreat . I can’t wait to read hopeless . Can you please let me know when it will be available on paperback . Thank you Mary

  25. Hello

    I just finished reading Hopeless! I have never been on such an emotional rollercoaster in my life, it is the most stunningly beautiful book I have ever read, thank you so much, I can’t wait to get all my friends to read it so they can fall hopelessly in love with Holder! I can’t wait for all your future books, they will be on the top of my wishlist! Thank you for such an amazing book!

  26. I have recently become a huge fan. Absolutely loved Hopeless and can’t wait for more but prefer to turn real paper pages over ebooks. Why the huge difference in release dates?

  27. When will the new covers for Slammed and Point of Retreat be available? Every time I go on Amazon or Barnes and Nobel it’s the old ones. I have those…I want the new ones too :(

      1. Nope. Never got an answer. I’ve asked her on multiple different media outlets over the past few months and she has yet to reply to me. Not sure what’s up with that.

  28. I just finished reading Hopeless and you cannot believe the grin I have on my face. Just to say I have read fantastic books in the past but never ever have I felt so attached to characters that made me cry, scream in anguish, and I cannot believe I’m saying this but jump for joy when they finally took their relationship to the next level. I could sum up that book in 4 words…. I . Was. Blown. Away! Thank you Colleen for that.

  29. I have read the Slammed series & both Hopeless Books, Couldn’t put my nook down. I enjoyed them all. Is maybe someday a stand alone book or is that in a series? I don’t want to miss any. I love your writing. Thank You !! :)

  30. Hello!!!

    Will your books be available in Spanish anytime soon? I’ve seen Hopeless in the bookstore, but I haven’t seen any of your other series. In Spain, It’s difficult to get any book in original language or it’s really expensive.
    I want to buy your books in paper, because I love them. I really enjoyed them. I don’t know which it’s better: to buy them in English or buy them in Spanish (if they will be translated). That’s why I want to know if the books will be translated in anytime soon. Then I could decide to wait of to buy. T___T

    Thanks for everything. <3
    (I'm so sorry if I made any mistake, because of my English level).

  31. My dearest Colleen, I love reading your books!! You have an amazing talent!! I’m truly inspired by you. I just finished reading Finding Cinerella & was woundering if their will be another book. It can’t end like that…I need more & I’m
    Sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’m sorry I don’t mean to put so much pressure on you. Thanks again for all of the amazing books!!!

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