2014 Schedule

March 18-Oakland, CA

March 19-Decatur, Georgia

March 22-Portland, OR (w/ Griffin Peterson)

March 28-Katy, Tx

April 10-Sulphur Springs, TX (w/ Griffin Peterson)

May 13-18-New Orleans, LA

June 7-Nashville, TN (w/ Griffin Peterson)

June 28-Orlando, FL Book Bash (w/Griffin Peterson)

August 30-Oklahoma City 

September 13th-St. Louis, Missouri


If you would like to schedule a signing at your local bookstore, contact me at

For a list of other book signings/appearances, please visit Colleen Hoover’s author page at Simon & Schuster.

66 responses to “Schedule

  1. I love you i love your books, your writing, your style, please never stop and i seriously cant wait for more and i am so happy i found your books on iBooks well desrved to be in the top 10. Slammed blew me away and Point of retreat well lets just say ill never need to retread when reading your books <3333

  2. Has a date/location been set up for a Los Angeles book signing? I love both books and would love to get them signed!

  3. I soo love your books and thank you for replying to my e-mail months ago!:) I wish you would come and visit the Philippines! More power and looking forward to the upcoming movies,3rd book and of course the paperbacks!

  4. Hi Colleen!
    Are you planning on coming HOME to Michigan anytime soon? I’d LOVE to meet you in person!!! I can’t drive due to my neuro muscle disease, but my WONDERFUL HUSBAND WOULD BRING ME!!!! Honest to God, he WOULD! He loves me SOO much!!! It IS FAR, though! I live in Port Huron! I’ll ride in the car to come see you!!! I would DIE if you DID come back!
    Please let me know if you do!!! :)
    It would make my EVERYTHING!!!
    Laurie Carlson

  5. Hey Colleen!
    I just finished Hopeless last night and I am still….off balance. It was freakin fantastic..made me sob, laugh and scream. I absolutly looooved it and love you. Cannot wait to see you in Boston in March. Best BDay gift a hubby could give his gal. Please tell me theres more to tell about Sky and Holder…PLEASE!!!

    Keep up the brilliance
    Selinda Rivas

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  7. I was So EXCITED to see you’re coming to Orlando for a book signing!!! I was jumping around the house:) can’t wait to meet you and get my book signed. I think you are an amazing writer and hope for more to come!
    It’s a few days after my birthday, so I told my boyfriend that’s all I want is for him to take me to get my book signed;)
    Hope to see you soon!!

    Angie Turpin

  8. Please come to NY!!! I just finished Hopeless it was amazing… breathtaking and I am pretty sure the best book I have ever read.I will be starting Slammed momentarily and I having a feeling I will love it just as much. I would love to have a chance to meet the brilliant mind behind this book and of course have it signed.

  9. I love all your books and hope to have a copy of Hopeless in time for the Romantic Times event in May, Kansas City, Missouri :)

  10. I am hoping you will be attending the Naughty Mafia Rocks Las Vegas August 16-20. Please tell me you will be there?

  11. I would love to know if you’d consider visiting Australia for a signing- I live in Brisbane, Queensland but I would travel anywhere in Australia to see you :)

    You’re one of my favourtie authors and would love a chance to meet you :)

  12. Total geek moment…so forgive me! AHHHH…I cannot wait to meet you on Sat in Boston. Absolute dream to be able to meet so many amazing authors…YOU ROCK!

  13. I saw that you might be do a signing here in Seattle in Sept….please keep me posted I can’t wait to meet you!!!

  14. Would love to feature you as one of the authors for the inaugural Authors in the House Event. AIH is a forum that brings together authors with avid readers and folks who just like to be entertained by a good story. It is kind of American Idol meets Moth Story Slam. More details on the website We take unsolicited applications and also invite authors to be featured. It would get you to Massachusetts, Greater Boston area. August 24 is tentative date for the launch. Please contact me if you are even remotely interested.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  15. Colleen, I am so looking forward to seeing you and meeting you for the first time at the Orlando book bash. You writing puts in a mood to continue to re-read your books over and over just like the fifty shades series. I have enjoyed the series of Will and Lake more than you will ever know. Thank you!

  16. Love the Blog. I’m a legally blind writer so am especially glad to see the audiobooks! I’ve snail-mailed an invitation to you to speak. If you have time after you get the letter, Let’s Talk!

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  18. I know this may sound impossible, but I hope you can visit Asia soon, especially the Philippines. I’ve been a fan of yours after reading Slammed and Point of Retreat. PLEASE PLEASE <3


  19. Hi Colleen!

    Did I read that you would be in Portland, OR. sometime in the near future? I most definitely do not want to miss you!


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  21. Wish there were more appearances in Texas, specifically Dallas area. I plan on being at the Sulfur Springs one in April. Would love to have you and Griffin come to Dallas!

  22. Get your ass back to San Diego! I meet you with Abbi Glines and Jamie McGuire last year! You all were so nice and funny!

  23. Best news Ever! St. Louis that’s the closest you have ever been and honestly, probably ever will be considering my tiny town. So bookmarking that weekend. Where are you signing at in St. Louis? I want to get a place close. Thank you SOOOOO much!

  24. I’m still hoping the event in Wisconsin(as mentioned in one of your blog posts in November) works out :)

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  26. Hoping you will come to CA for a signing soon. Bummed I missed you and Griffin Peterson for the Maybe Someday release party in Portland last weekend!

  27. Hi Collen, just want to thank you for Being a great author. Finished Reading Hopeless Series and Maybe Someday in 2 days. Loved Loved your books and iam about to begin on Slammed Series. I hope to meet you Someday and get you to sign my books ;)))
    Greetings from Denmark!

  28. Can you please come to Malaysia.. I’m a huge fan of you and it would be the best thing if you come here.

  29. Is there any chance that you will visit here in the Philippines? I hope there’s any!!! Oh my god. I love you and your books and everything!! I read ALL your books (Slammed, Point of retreat, This Girl, Hopeless, Losing Hope, Finding Cinderella, this is in order :D ) in I think 5-7 days straight right after I read Maybe Someday. I’m so addicted to Maybe Someday. Why is that?! Explain it to me!! :) PLEASE GO TO THE PHILIPPINES!! for me? And of course to your other fans also. :D


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