2015 Schedule

November 9th 10pm – Half Price Books, Dallas, Tx

November 10th 7pm – Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH

November 11th 7pm-Anderson’s Bookshop, Chicago, Il

November 12th 7pm-Bookends, Ridgewood, NJ

November 13th 7pm-Barnes & Noble City Center White Plains, NY

November 14th 5pm-Books & Books, Miami FL

November 15th 5pm-Brookline Booksmith, Boston, MA

November 17th 7pm-Chevalier’s Books, Los Angeles, CA

December 8th 7pm-Book People, Austin, Tx

2016 Schedule

January 9, 2016 – Dallas, TX (Holidays with the Belles)

February 6th, 2016- The Bookworm Box, Sulphur Springs, Tx (Signing with other authors. Names will be announced upon confirmation.)

March 5th, 2016 -Austin Book Fest

April 1st-30th, 2016-International Tour (Will be updated upon confirmation)

As of right now, I will not be attending RT 2016 in Vegas.  :(

For a list of other book signings/appearances, please visit Colleen Hoover’s author page at Simon & Schuster.

179 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. I love you i love your books, your writing, your style, please never stop and i seriously cant wait for more and i am so happy i found your books on iBooks well desrved to be in the top 10. Slammed blew me away and Point of retreat well lets just say ill never need to retread when reading your books <3333

  2. I soo love your books and thank you for replying to my e-mail months ago!:) I wish you would come and visit the Philippines! More power and looking forward to the upcoming movies,3rd book and of course the paperbacks!

  3. Hi Colleen!
    Are you planning on coming HOME to Michigan anytime soon? I’d LOVE to meet you in person!!! I can’t drive due to my neuro muscle disease, but my WONDERFUL HUSBAND WOULD BRING ME!!!! Honest to God, he WOULD! He loves me SOO much!!! It IS FAR, though! I live in Port Huron! I’ll ride in the car to come see you!!! I would DIE if you DID come back!
    Please let me know if you do!!! :)
    It would make my EVERYTHING!!!
    Laurie Carlson

  4. Hey Colleen!
    I just finished Hopeless last night and I am still….off balance. It was freakin fantastic..made me sob, laugh and scream. I absolutly looooved it and love you. Cannot wait to see you in Boston in March. Best BDay gift a hubby could give his gal. Please tell me theres more to tell about Sky and Holder…PLEASE!!!

    Keep up the brilliance
    Selinda Rivas

  5. I was So EXCITED to see you’re coming to Orlando for a book signing!!! I was jumping around the house:) can’t wait to meet you and get my book signed. I think you are an amazing writer and hope for more to come!
    It’s a few days after my birthday, so I told my boyfriend that’s all I want is for him to take me to get my book signed;)
    Hope to see you soon!!

    Angie Turpin

  6. Please come to NY!!! I just finished Hopeless it was amazing… breathtaking and I am pretty sure the best book I have ever read.I will be starting Slammed momentarily and I having a feeling I will love it just as much. I would love to have a chance to meet the brilliant mind behind this book and of course have it signed.

  7. I love all your books and hope to have a copy of Hopeless in time for the Romantic Times event in May, Kansas City, Missouri :)

  8. I am hoping you will be attending the Naughty Mafia Rocks Las Vegas August 16-20. Please tell me you will be there?

  9. I would love to know if you’d consider visiting Australia for a signing- I live in Brisbane, Queensland but I would travel anywhere in Australia to see you :)

    You’re one of my favourtie authors and would love a chance to meet you :)

  10. Total geek moment…so forgive me! AHHHH…I cannot wait to meet you on Sat in Boston. Absolute dream to be able to meet so many amazing authors…YOU ROCK!

  11. I saw that you might be do a signing here in Seattle in Sept….please keep me posted I can’t wait to meet you!!!

  12. Would love to feature you as one of the authors for the inaugural Authors in the House Event. AIH is a forum that brings together authors with avid readers and folks who just like to be entertained by a good story. It is kind of American Idol meets Moth Story Slam. More details on the website We take unsolicited applications and also invite authors to be featured. It would get you to Massachusetts, Greater Boston area. August 24 is tentative date for the launch. Please contact me if you are even remotely interested.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  13. Colleen, I am so looking forward to seeing you and meeting you for the first time at the Orlando book bash. You writing puts in a mood to continue to re-read your books over and over just like the fifty shades series. I have enjoyed the series of Will and Lake more than you will ever know. Thank you!

  14. Love the Blog. I’m a legally blind writer so am especially glad to see the audiobooks! I’ve snail-mailed an invitation to you to speak. If you have time after you get the letter, Let’s Talk!

  15. I know this may sound impossible, but I hope you can visit Asia soon, especially the Philippines. I’ve been a fan of yours after reading Slammed and Point of Retreat. PLEASE PLEASE <3


  16. Hi Colleen!

    Did I read that you would be in Portland, OR. sometime in the near future? I most definitely do not want to miss you!


  17. Wish there were more appearances in Texas, specifically Dallas area. I plan on being at the Sulfur Springs one in April. Would love to have you and Griffin come to Dallas!

  18. Get your ass back to San Diego! I meet you with Abbi Glines and Jamie McGuire last year! You all were so nice and funny!

  19. Best news Ever! St. Louis that’s the closest you have ever been and honestly, probably ever will be considering my tiny town. So bookmarking that weekend. Where are you signing at in St. Louis? I want to get a place close. Thank you SOOOOO much!

  20. Hoping you will come to CA for a signing soon. Bummed I missed you and Griffin Peterson for the Maybe Someday release party in Portland last weekend!

  21. Hi Collen, just want to thank you for Being a great author. Finished Reading Hopeless Series and Maybe Someday in 2 days. Loved Loved your books and iam about to begin on Slammed Series. I hope to meet you Someday and get you to sign my books ;)))
    Greetings from Denmark!

    1. I agree with you… please come to Malaysia when you stop by in Philipine…. pretty please? It would be dream come true…. ♡♡♡

  22. Is there any chance that you will visit here in the Philippines? I hope there’s any!!! Oh my god. I love you and your books and everything!! I read ALL your books (Slammed, Point of retreat, This Girl, Hopeless, Losing Hope, Finding Cinderella, this is in order :D ) in I think 5-7 days straight right after I read Maybe Someday. I’m so addicted to Maybe Someday. Why is that?! Explain it to me!! :) PLEASE GO TO THE PHILIPPINES!! for me? And of course to your other fans also. :D


    1. Hello Colleen Hoover :))
      Im a big fan of your books and of course u …. I read most of your books online I love it but the problem is that they don’t sell it here in Singapore so I’m really hoping u would come here in Singapore and have a tour meet and greet and book signing
      Pls Colleen Hoover come here in Singapore :(( I’ll buy all of your books and have them signed by u ….. Come to Singapore

    2. Hello Colleen Hoover ……
      I hope u could read my reply
      Im a big fan of your books and of course u …. I read most of your books online I love it but the problem is that they don’t sell it here in Singapore so I’m really hoping u would come here in Singapore and have a tour meet and greet and book signing
      Pls Colleen Hoover come here in Singapore :(( I’ll buy all of your books and have them signed by u ….. I hope u could give them for free hehhe just joking so pls come here in Singapore :(

    1. Yes California please. I have been bragging about you. I would love to meet you. You seem like an author that is down to earth.

  23. I would love for you to come to north jersey or NYC for a signing. I really would like maybe someday signed by you and tell you face to face how much this book and music affected me. You are amazing! It is my new favorite book.

  24. Hi Colleen! Come and make an appearance in Hawaii! The Island of Oahu to be exact! I am such a big fan of yours! Keep on continuing on what you are doing! Sending lots of love and Aloha from Hawaii!

  25. Hi Colleen,
    I am hoping to make it out to your stop in Toronto. Will you be bringing copies of the Maybe Someday soundtrack? Would love to purchase one then. :-)

  26. Hi Colleen,
    I am such a big fan. Love love love reading all your books, they are all so beautifully written, cannot choose a favourite as all of your books are just wow.
    Hope one day you come to Australia for a book tour.

  27. Love you, Colleen! Please consider coming to New York, New York on your next Book Tour. New Yorkers will welcome you with open arms. =D

  28. Do Polski zapraszamy .Pani książki sa rewelecyjne . Narazie przecztalam 2 hopeless i pułapka uczuć za każdym razem nie mogłam sie oderwać czytalam do rana. rewelacyjne oderwanie sie od rzeczywistości. Od pierwszej książki wiedzialam ze kolejne też beda super wiec napewno wszysykie przecztam .( pod warunkiem ze szybko je u nas wydadzą przetłumaczone). Będę odliczyć dni i godziny do kolejnej. Pozdrawiam gorąco

  29. I’ve always been huge on books but Someday Maybe literally changed my whole outlook on reading. It did things to my heart that no other book has come close to doing. Thank you for that. Oh and by the way, I love every single book that you have published. Please make a trip to the Boston at some point. I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  30. Would love for you to come to Jacksonville, FL April 24 & 25th but I guess since you are going to Orlando in June you probably won’t but it would be nice to see you if you did.

  31. OMG you’re coming to the Philippines…. I’m so excited!!! :DDDDDDD <3 I really really really love your works. OMG I can't wait..!!!!!! :')

  32. I am in love with all your books, I got my friends to read some of your books and they love them too! It would be absolutely amazing if you could visit Toronto, I would love to meet the author of these wonderful books! Please keep writing more, I can’t wait to read any of your future books!

  33. Come to Toronto!!!! I seriously want to meet you so bad and get a picture with you and buy you a coffee and have you sign all of my books!!!! Best. Author. Ever.

  34. Come to Davao City, Philippines!

    I’m not ASKING you to come, I’m TELLING you to come here because I wanna meet you (and cook you Asian Foods) ;)

    1. Yeah!! agree. you should come and visit Davao City. because you have a lot of fans here i “swear :)) pleaseee

  35. You should visit Salt Lake City, we’re good people I promise. Or at least go back to vegas and bring Tarryn with ya!!

  36. “September 3-6th, 2015-Somewhere really exciting that I can’t announce yet.”

    Really intriguing! I hope it will be in Europe, as the tour in Germany was cancelled.

  37. Hello! I fell in Love with your books since I volunteered at a bookstore. They are just phenomenal and having the refuge, has been helpful. I became disabled in 2001 and my illness has gotten worse as year each years goes by. So THANK YOU!

  38. Visit Cebu, Philippines please! I wanted to say in person that You are my Inspiration. Pleaseeee visit Cebu!

  39. your books are so unbelievably good! i love them so much, i want to read them again and there any chance you will be coming to London as it would be amazing to meet the woman behind the inspiring stories! x

  40. Pls Visit Cebu City too! I love you and your books so much. You’re an amazing author and i love your writing style so much and i really love how you have a lot of books but your stories are not repeating or somewhat different or varied or something in a good way x

  41. Hey Colleen, I think you should come to good ole Virginia for a book signing because let me tell you I would defintley be the first person there! You make me feel so much when I read your books, and I would love to meet you in person. I am so excited to read November Nine because that is my birthday! It would be an awesome birthday present if you came to VA that week!

  42. My Step-mom asked me a few weeks ago why I never “fangirled” over a boy band like my younger sister does with One Direction, well I think I just found out why because I “fangirl” over Colleen Hoover. I literally cried when I saw that she is coming to California, while I live in Vegas it is only four hours away and I am already planning a day trip.
    Maybe one day you can come to Las Vegas Nevada!

  43. Will you be attending the Manila International Book Fair?? Please do not limit your slots for signing, I am really going and I’m still saving money to buy Ugly Love so that I can have it signed by you. Please do not limit! Love from the Philippines!

  44. You and Jamie McGuire NEED to come to Pittsburgh PA! My best friend and I love your books so much. It would be one of the best days of my life

  45. Hello, Colleen! I hope when you go to Manila International Book Fair 2015, the books that you’ll sign will be personalized from first reader until the last. Fairness is all we want! Thank you.

  46. Please announce already when and where will you be here in Philippines! We are so excited to see you!

  47. You are such a great writer! I super butterflyingly love your books & I’m saving money to buy them and let them be signed by you. I can’t wait to see you here in the Philippines! More power! <3

  48. November 1-8, 2015-Somewhere really, really awesome. Somewhere I’ve never been before. And I’ll be with Anna Todd. Yep. Can’t wait. Announcing soon. : In France I hope <3 <3

  49. Please, PLEASE, tell me the awesome awesome place you’ve never been to before is PARIS!! Please :) And if it is, I can’t wait to meet you AND Anna Todd!! OMG that would be so AWESOME!!!!!!!

  50. Hi Colleen! Can you drop by Davao as well in the Philippines? we love you here but your schedule only shows that you’re dropping by in Cebu only. :( We also want you here Colleen.

  51. Colleen, I absolutely love you. Your amazing and I fell in love with all your books. Can you please come to New York City for a book signing. I’m begging you. I need to meet my favorite author of all time. PLEASE!!!!!

    1. Hi Colleen Hoover I hope u will be able to read my reply ……….
      I hope u can come here in Singapore because i went to all book stores here in Singapore but I can’t find a single book u written so pls come here in Singapore and I’ll try to come ..
      Pls come to Singapore promise I’ll buy all your books I’m a big fan

  52. Colleen,

    I used tell people I hate reading, that it puts me to sleep. Now I tell people I love reading, you just have to find the stories that you enjoy reading. I started really reading 3 summers ago. I read mostly on my Kindle app on my phone, I even read while in the grocery store line. I can read anywhere even if only for a few minutes. I finish one book and within 24 hours I am starting a new one. I am lucky to have found a few authors that I truly love. The ones that make tears run down your cheeks and in the next few pages make you truly laugh out loud. You Colleen Hoover are one of those authors. I never thought I would be the one saying “may favorite authors are…”.
    And to top it off I even got my now 16 year old niece to love reading Again we just need to find the right author to tell the story we want to hear.
    So I want to say thank you for being you. Because without your stories my niece and I would not know the true love of books.
    I am looking forward to meeting you at your book signing in White Plains NY on 11/13. It will be just over a 3 hour drive but very worth it.



  54. You’ve set the bar for the books i read so far, I don’t think anyone can reach it
    I love all of your books and all of the things you do <3

    Please do come to Europe! Please!

  55. I have to work that day til 7:30pm, but I’m trying to get the day off. Regardless, I’ll be there, but may be late. So don’t give me the evil eye when I walk in around 8:30! But I have to see you, Colleen!!!

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