Holy mother of all blog posts!

It’s March 18th and Griffin Peterson and I have a lot of stuff to give away, plus an exciting new video!!!

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A couple of days ago, I opened up my blog for you guys to ask us questions. We chose a few, so if your question is one of the ones chosen below, email me at hooverink@outlook.com with your address and we’ll send you a signed copy of Maybe Someday and the soundtrack!   Hope you enjoy!

#1 Hi there, Brittany Bishop from Ontario, Canada.
Colleen what is your inspiration for including the arts, in different forms, in your books? I find it fascinating.

Colleen’s answer: I’m a huge fan of anything art related, be it writing, music, painting, poetry, etc. It’s hard for me to just write a book and not want to bridge a gap between reading and other art forms. It’s always been my philosophy that if I want to make a career out of this, I have to be innovative and try things that haven’t been done before, rather than create what’s already popular. I’ll be honest, when I wrote SLAMMED I was worried how it would be received, because a lot of publishers warned writers to avoid poetry. It’s not a big seller, but I never thought anyone would buy it anyway, so I went with my gut and wove slam poetry into the story. After that turned out well, I took an even bigger risk with Maybe Someday. I knew people loved playlists while reading, so I wanted to take it to the next level and have the characters actually create an original playlist that came from the story. Of course it could have been a huge flop, so the risk was there, but I’m so glad I took it. That was the hardest project to undertake, but I couldn’t be happier with the results.
With Confess, I just went with the same theme and wanted the actual art the character created to be available to the readers. That’s not really a very innovative idea, because books have included illustrations since their conception. So I tried to make it unique to the story and have the paintings commissioned for the actual confessions in the book. The paintings turned out amazing. I’ve been very lucky with the people I’ve collaborated with, so I think that’s a lot of the reason I keep wanting to try it. I’ve had so much fun doing it.
With November 9 coming up, I’ve got something special planned for that as well that I haven’t announced yet. I’m still working on it and hope it turns out how I plan for it to. Until I know for sure, I’ll keep that to myself. ;)

(Cont) Griffin, what were your thoughts on collaborating with Colleen on Maybe Someday and if any, what were the struggles you ran into musically during the process?

Griffin’s answer: I loved working with Colleen on MS. It was a very different process for both of us I think. Colleen had this amazing idea and I just wanted to be a part of it and contribute. The most difficult struggles we ran into would probably be…The time frame we were working with and our indecisiveness. I remember both of us asking each other for opinions about something and we would be like, “ umm idk I like both options” or “ahh well I really like the way it was before, but now I really like this new version of the song” but if that was our biggest problem I think we did pretty well.

#2 Hi Colleen and Griffin!

I`m Lea and I`m from Slovenia. I have a question for Griffin.

When did you first learn you wanted to be a singer? Where was your first performance and how did you do? 

Griffin’s answer: Hey Lea, I didn’t really know I wanted to be anything. I knew that I loved making music and writing songs more than anything else in the world though. So I think that it was more of a transition after I graduated college to making it my sole passion and career. I think my first performance was at Hotel Indigo in Nashville at a writers round. There are three writers in each round. Each person takes turns playing a song they wrote until everyone has played three. It was for a tiny crowd of about 15-20 people, but I’ll never forget it. I think it went okay hah I wouldn’t say great.. I shut my eyes the whole time and just prayed I wouldn’t forget a lyric or mess up a chord change haha!

 #3 Hello, this is Kelly Hamby from San Antonio, Texas. This is for either of y’all or both: Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

Colleen’s answer: I’d rather keep all my old ones and never make new ones. I have too many great memories to lose.

Griffin’s answer: I would rather lose all my old memories and make new ones. I think never being able to make a new one would be like being trapped in a prison of the past.

#4 Hi Coll and Griff (I shouldn’t do that, right?) It’s Tar from Canada (I really shouldn’t do that because my name is Tara and Tar just doesn’t work)

My question is POETRY.

Colleen, did you start out writing poetry? As a respected author who writes more than maybe any author I have seen, do you ever have time to just write something small…for yourself? If not, do you miss doing that?

Colleen’s answer: I actually was never much of a poetry writer. I would write silly things for my friends, but nothing very serious. Slammed was really my first serious attempt at writing it. And I’m so busy now, I hardly have time to write what I’m paid to write, much less anything for myself. I do miss that, though. I used to sit down and write song lyrics and short stories, but I enjoy writing books a lot more, so it doesn’t make me too sad.

 #5 Hello Colleen and Griffin! My name is Cynthia from Southern California! I was wondering how you two went about collaborating. 

Hey, Cynthia!  Great question.  You can check out the stories by clicking the links below.

How we met.

How we started working on Maybe Someday together. 

 #6 Hello Colleen and Griffin! I have a friend whose little girl calls me Megan Mississippi, so, if you answer any of these questions, you can too. My question to both of you is: If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what would you choose and what would you name it?

Griffin: I would choose a Kelpie. For those who aren’t familiar with one here’s a brief rundown “Kelpie often appears with its mane dripping with water, standing near a freshwater stream, river or lake. It resembles a beautiful pony with either a white or grayish black coat. It can be identified by pieces of seaweed caught and tangled in its long, dripping wet mane. Passersby would come across this seemingly tame pony and quickly be lured and tempted to mount it. The riders would then find themselves magically stuck to its back. Once mounted, the deadly pony would dive into the deepest waters and drown the unfortunate passengers.” I’d just keep my Kelpie named “Anchor” in the back yard… you know, for protection.

Colleen’s answer: I want Griffin’s pet now. 

#7 This is Aadya from India (yes, we know you both here) and I have a question for Colleen. When we write, we always put (find? leave? keep?) a part of us in our characters and I’d like to know if you do the same. If yes, then which of your characters do you relate to the most?

Colleen’s answer: I try not to include too much of myself in any of my characters, but it’s definitely hard not to. I think my sarcasm leaks out a lot through the characters, and right now I’m feeling a lot of my humor in Fallon and Ben from N9.

(Cont) And Griffin, what was it like to have your face on the cover of a book which had people bawling out their eyes or laughing till their cheeks hurt? I mean, I get weirded out by my picture in my ID, yours is on an international bestseller.

Griffin’s answer: It’s very weird for me still honestly. I have to look away almost when I see it out in public then I look around and think,“Whoa this is weird. Should I leave before someone sees me walking by the book I’m on the cover of.. or am I okay.” haha

 #8 Hi, I’m Colleen’s mom.

For Colleen-How do you feel you have changed as a mother, daughter, wife, sister?

First of all, you don’t get a prize, but I liked your question so I picked you. It’s interesting you worded it this way, because if you would have asked me how I’ve changed as a person, I would have said I haven’t changed at all. I’m just busier. But the roles in my life have changed dramatically, and not for the good or the bad. Just different. I used to be the primary caregiver for my boys, but the last few years have caused me to work a lot more hours so my husband has taken over things I always did. Grocery shopping, doctor appointments, getting them to and from school. It has been a struggle seeing the differences this has brought about in our family, only because now when the kids need something, they go to their dad instead of me. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to hand over that control and I just want to say, “But you used to ask ME if you could have a snack!”

And that was hard at first, but then I just had to look at all the positive things this has done for our family. My husband and I both work from home now, so I’m always there and see me kids a lot more, despite how much I work and travel. So even thought the roles of mom and dad have kind of reversed, it hasn’t affected my relationship with my kids. They seem to like me more now that I’m not always bossing them around. I let my husband do that. ;)

As far as being a mom and sister, I feel like I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like to with them. My schedule gets really hectic and crazy sometimes, but the greatest part of all of this is the support they give me. I know they all kind of miss the low-key life I used to live, but they love the opportunities this has brought about for the family even more.  In fact, they make it a point to constantly point out all the positive things this career has been able to do for my family and they never make me feel guilty for having so little time to do simple things like just run to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night. So yeah, things have changed a lot.  But the positive outweighs the negative by a long shot, so I wouldn’t trade a single thing. Especially my family. I have the best family. I’m very lucky.

(Cont) My question is for Griffin. What is the best advice Colleen ever gave you?

Griffin’s answer: It’s good to be nervous about your work (it means that you still care and are pushing yourself) and to stay humble.

 #9 Hi Colleen and Griffin,

I’m Marcy from Missouri, and this question is for Colleen. As an author, I’m sure you’ve done some interesting ‘research’. So, what is the weirdest thing you’ve typed in for a Google search?

Colleen’s answer: How long does it take to drown a baby?

(Cont) This question is for Griffin. If you had to evacuate your home right now, what 3 things would you absolutely have to take with you?

Griffin’s answer: My guitar, my computer and my cell phone so I could call 911 and have them put out the fire (I’m taking liberties with this hypothetical). The fire truck would pull up…I would be playing and singing “Burning Down the House” while they extinguished the burning flames and my stuff would be A ok ;)

#10 My name is Debra from New Jersey, and my question is for Colleen…I am also a Social Worker and I was wondering if you miss the work you used to do before you started rocking out this author thing???

You know, I think the right answer would be, “Yes, I miss the reward that came with the job.” But let’s be honest. The answer is no. I loved my job when I was a social worker, but I love this job so much more. It’s what I wanted to do before I decided to major in Social Work, so I think as much as I enjoyed my job back then, I feel like I’m finally where I’m supposed to be. Having experience as a social worker has also helped me in some of the stories I’ve written, such as Hopeless. I honestly believe that book helped more people through a lot of issues than I was ever able to do as a social worker.

 #11 Hi! I’m Reena del Rosario from the Philippines! My question is for Griffin! I’m such a fan of you and Emily! I think you’re one of the couples on my relationship goals list. What makes your relationship work? And what do you love most about her? :)

Griffin’s answer: Hey Reena! Well she is pretty cool isn’t she ;) I think our relationship has a lot of stresses on it, (long distance, being in the public eye…kinda hah, and just every day things life throws at you) but we support each other in everything and are there to pick one another up along the way. And what do I love most about her? Well that’s too hard to pick just one thing, but I love the way she talks to herself when she is getting ready.. she’ll sing a little song or just narrate what she’s doing, and it makes me laugh so hard. I love listening when she has no idea, too. That’s the best. Then I’ll walk in and she’ll turn around and be embarrassed in the cutest way.

 #12 MAYBE SOMEDAY SPOILER!!!  Hi this is Michelle Doty from Kentucky. This question is for Colleen. Did you talk with anyone who was hearing impaired as research when you developed Ridge’s character?

I did, actually. I remember seeing a comment once from a reader on one of my posts about The Avett Brothers. She mentioned she couldn’t hear, but loved the idea of music. When I began writing Maybe Someday, I went back through my posts and found that comment and contacted her when I got the idea for Ridge’s character. I sent her the book after I wrote it and she gave me some wonderful feedback. I dedicated the book to her because we became very close during the process of editing it. Unfortunately, she passed away from cancer shortly after the release of Maybe Someday. It was very hard learning that, because she was a wonderful woman and mother.

#13 Hi Griffin, just little ole Lisa from the big ole UP of MI. Who bought you your first guitar? Was this person, the one who influenced you to pursue your musical aspirations?

That would be my Pops . He totally influenced my musical aspirations. I didn’t even want a guitar I wanted a new snowboard (best present I never got) and he made the executive decision to get me a guitar instead.

(Cont)Slammed brought the taboo. Was it hard telling Layken and Will’s story, since it was taboo, and these situations are so frowned upon?

Colleen’s answer: I was very worried. But I love to play devils advocate because I don’t believe any situation is simply black and white. In Slammed, I wanted people to sympathize with their taboo relationship. In Hopeless, I wanted people to sympathize with a woman who had done an unimaginable thing. In Maybe Someday, my goal was to get the reader to sympathize with every party of a love triangle, rather than so easily placing the blame on the cheater/s. I love the taboo, I guess. ;)

 #14 Hi, I’m Lucy from AZ. White & gold or black & blue?

Griffin’s answer: It’s white & gold Lucy. It’s white & gold.

Colleen’s answer: Nope. Griffin’s wrong. Black and Blue. 


#15 Hi. My name is Karen Garcia and I’m from Denver, CO.

Random question for Colleen: is a sleepover with you out of the question? I promise to cook breakfast for you.

Colleen’s answer: Will it be at your house? I’m not the best hostess.

(Cont) Random question for Griffin: Did you have braces? Because your smile is A-MA-ZING!

Griffin’s answer: Ohhhh yea I had braces from 6th grade til Freshman year of high school. I used to be all about crazy rubber band color combinations and really cool kid stuff like that. Thanks Karen!

#16 Jenn from Michigan. Griffin, do you play any other instruments besides guitar?

I play bass, piano, mandolin as well but only well enough to write songs on.

(Cont) Do either one of you have any release day traditions?

 Colleen’s answers: I used to. We’d go out to eat as a family to celebrate and occasionally my agent or publishers would send me flowers. But now it’s happened so many times it’s hard to keep up with releases.  My family doesn’t even really keep up with release dates anymore.  They can just kind of tell when I go two days straight with no sleep. So if any of my family/publishers are reading this, from now on I want Olive Garden and flowers, dangit!

LAST QUESTION! This isn’t one from a particular reader, but one I want to address.  I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding a Maybe Someday movie.  To be honest, due to the aspect of Ridge’s character, I think it would be very difficult to make a book like this translate into film.  For that reason and the fact that this book is VERY close to my heart, I haven’t agreed to sell the movie rights as of yet.  I’ve had interest, but until the right person comes along, I’m terrified to see it get in the wrong hands.  So as of right now this isn’t one I’ve sold the movie option for.  But…Maybe Someday.  

Thanks everyone for the questions!  And thanks for an incredible year!!! Comment on this post for another chance to win a signed cope of Maybe Someday and the soundtrack!

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