Booksting with McGuire and Mummert!

To celebrate their release of their newest book, Sweet Nothing, Jamie McGuire and Teresa Mummert came all the way to Texas so I could ask them a few questions. That’s a lie. This was done over email. Whatever.

I’ve read this book. I was shocked by this book. This book, in my opinion, is a great book. How many times can I say book in this blog post? Let’s see. I’m up to six.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! I know how hard it is to collaborate on a book with someone. But my partner is a vile, vicious and vain person, so it was complete torture. I can’t wait until January 26th when it’s over. Enough about me, though. YOU SURVIVED A COLLABORATION! So…my first question.

  1. How did Sweet Nothing come to be?

Teresa: Jamie and I had talked about writing something together but what really made us decide to do it, was when we realized we had similar stories in mind.

Jamie McGuire: I’d had the idea for two and a half years, and when Teresa and I discussed writing together, I thought it would be a good subject to co-write. When I told her my idea, she said she’d had a similar idea, and we meshed them together.

2) Who came up with the title for the book? Did the title come before the book?

Teresa: Jamie came up with the title. We knew how the book was going to end before we began writing anything so it was perfect.

Jamie: I came up with the title before we wrote the book.

3) Did you find it easier or more difficult to co-write?

Teresa: It was different. We live in different time zones so that posed a challenge. But it was really fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to get excited with when you think of a new twist.

Jamie: Any project, when accustomed to doing it alone, is more difficult when collaborating with another person. Compromise is essential. Teresa and I seemed to do that part effortlessly.

4) Did one of you write the male character and one write the female, or was it an even mix?

Teresa: I wrote Josh’s character and Jamie wrote Avery but we also went back through each other’s chapters and added along the way. It ended up being a very even mix and I think it really helped the story flow.

Jamie: We started out writing that way, but that stopped after chapter three.

4) Which one of you is responsible for the mind-fuckery?

Teresa: I felt like this was a pretty typical angsty love story up to the ending. We knew that twist would be a huge shock so we both worked really hard to keep the readers guessing.

Jamie: If you’re talking about the end scene, that would be me. #sorrynotsorry

5) Dump out the contents of your purse and take a picture so we can dissect it.

Teresa: My purse only contains keys and credit cards. (I need lots of room for snacks. I’m extremely pregnant. Don’t judge me!)






. <<< I apologize for these unnecessary periods. My picture wouldn’t stop intruding on the next question, so yeah. Moving on…

6)What’s your favorite book of all time?

Teresa: Is this a test? I feel like I’m being tested. I should probably say the bible or something. I try to read whenever I have time so it really is impossible to choose but there is one story that stands out I my mind. Innocents (Dusty) by Mary Elizabeth & Sarah Elizabeth is beautifully written. I discovered their story when it was plagiarized while it was still fan fiction. They have since self-published. If I had to shout out anyone, it has to be them because they had a really rough road to indie publishing.

Jamie: Pride And Prejudice

7) Do you prefer ebooks or dtb’s?

Teresa: I’m not sure what dtb stands for. It sounds kind of dirty but not in a good way. I read on my phone but if I love a book, I buy the paperback for my shelves.

Jamie: Print

(A DTB is a dead-tree book. Also referred to as print.)

8) If you could do a retelling of any classic novel, which one would you pick?

Teresa: I would retell Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, but I’d make her the age of consent as a plot twist. It would probably be pretty boring.

Jamie: Alice in Wonderland

9) Write the opening line to my next novel.

Teresa: “By the end of today, I will be dead.”

Jamie: “November nine brought me an ugly love, one that I confess slammed me hopelessly to the point of retreat.”

Thanks, ladies!

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Does anyone even read these interviews?

Bueller? Bueller?

For those of you who happened across this website, you should read this book.


Booksting with CoHo and special guest, J. Sterling! F*ckerb*tch.

I want to give a big welcome to J. Sterling, my very first author friend. Her book, THE OTHER GAME, went LIVE today! If you loved The Perfect Game, you need to get this book. If you haven’t read The Perfect Game, you still need to get this book! Comment on this post for a chance to win a signed copy!


Okay, let’s get started with this interview! I think we should get the most important question out of the way first.

  • What’s your son, Blake, doing right now? Tell him I said, “Hi, Blake.” LOLOLOLOL- He just walked in the door from school and is going to baseball practice. He says “Hi Colleen, I love you.” You two… *shakes head*
  • So, you have a new book out today, congrats! How many books does this make for you?
    Ooooh, *counts on fingers*… 10! This is my tenth book release (I’m a slow writer)! J
  • Can you tell us what this book is NOT about?
    This book is not about bears. Or llamas. Or step-brothers. Or billionaires. Or my son Blake.
  • Can you tell us what this book IS about? The Other Game, which released TODAY GET IT HERE, is not a simple retelling of The Perfect Game, although it does follow that timeline exactly. It is TPG through Dean Carter’s eyes, but it’s almost a whole new book. Very, very few scenes repeat themselves in this story. If you loved, liked, or even simply enjoyed The Perfect Game, then this is a must read. It’s been 3 years since TPG came out- it’s time to live through it again… this time through the adoring younger brother. Get your read on. Available at all retailers. J
  • You and I have been friends for a long time. In fact, you were my very first friend in this industry. I like you. This is not a question.
    I think about that all the time. How much you like me. Lol No, I think back to when it seemed like it was just us talking every day and how much has changed and how much fun we used to have in those crazy group emails on facebook and how I’m so glad that we’re still close and good friends. I love you. And that’s more than “like,” so I win.
  • I said number four wasn’t a question, but you answered it anyway. You don’t follow instructions well. You rebel. And while we’re on the subject, some might say you don’t hesitate speaking your mind about this industry. What topics are you most passionate about and why?
    I’m passionate about things that I feel are right versus wrong. I’m passionate about not screwing over our readers, or doing shady things that will affect the industry as a whole just to get ahead. I grew up working in the entertainment industry so I know all about people stepping on others for their own personal gain. I’ve never been that way in any job I’ve held (or in my personal life)… it’s not who I am. So I’m extremely opinionated about people who are that way. I don’t f’n like it.


  • Are you voting for Kanye West in the 2020 Presidential race?
    Probably not. But don’t tell him because his ego can’t handle it. (Him and I go way back)
  • Dump out the contents of your purse and take a picture.
    Are you high? No really, do you do drugs? Ugh, fine. I’ll do it (tarryn. Tarryn.)20151023_145731
  • Who are a few indie authors you believe are underrated right now?Great question! And really hard honestly! And I feel like we’re all sorta underrated right now- it’s a tough business in general, but it seems to be continually getting tougher and tougher to stand out in a very oversaturated market. Even those who have been around far longer than most seem to be getting “lost” in the shuffle. Tara Sivec’s last 2 releases have been awesome. I just read R.K. Lilley’s latest and am dying for the next book in the series. Claire Contreras books are always just plain enjoyable. K.A. Linde just created an entire fantasy world that I loved and cannot wait to see what comes next. Jillian Dodd’s upcoming book is all about fun and sometimes you just need a light, fun read.
  • Who are a few indie authors you believe are overrated? I’m totally kidding. Please don’t answer this question.
  • Why do you think readers are drawn to your books?
    Hmmmm… I think it’s because I try to write my stories as realistic as possible and I think that helps make them seem more relatable. I like people to finish my book with a smile on their face and also feel like “that could totally happen.”
  • Let’s play psychic. Print books have been all the rage for centuries. Now ebooks are on the rise and taking over. What do you think will be the primary reading source 100 years from now?
    Whatever they end up doing with music, books will follow. So maybe there will be some weird electronic thing that is attached to our body and freaking reads for us, so we don’t have to do ANY of the work. Because honestly, I think the movie WALL-E is where our future is heading and that terrifies the living crap out of me. But tell me you don’t see it? We’re already half way there.
  • What’s your favorite word to type? Fuckerbitch. Not as fun to say out loud. Super fun to type and read.
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
    I don’t really get embarrassed to be honest… it takes A LOT for that to even remotely happen (I’m usually the one embarrassing people). But I do have a great story that should have embarrassed me…. I was working at a radio station and Mark Wahlberg was coming in. We all had to get on the station bus and drive to like a meet and greet where Mark could meet his fans… uh… lol.. so everyone’s on the bus (mark included) and I’m one of the last people to get on. Everyone is watching me because you know, you watch people as they get onto the bus when you’re just sitting there… So, I flip my hair off my shoulder and suddenly my hair is YANKED back and my head goes flying backward and I can’t move. There was fan on the bus and I literally tossed my hair into it! LOL
  • I’m still laughing about that. At least it wasn’t Drake. You love Drake like I love Harry. Which leads me to my next question…if you were going to have me and Harry Connick Jr. over to your house for a cozy dinner, what would be the go-to dish you would cook for us?
    That’s so cute that you think I would cook for you. If you wouldn’t let me buy us all Taco Bell (or pizza) for dinner, then I suppose I’d make you some cheesy Italian dish… cause that’s about all I do well in the kitchen. Except for baking that is. I make a mean homemade cupcake.
  • Who is your favorite author? Favorite book?
    Really?!?!!?! I don’t think I have a favorite author to be honest. And since I started in this business, I’ve found that I enjoy reading our Indie (or past Indie) authors a lot more than those who have been traditionally published their whole career. But that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy traditionally pubbed books, because I do. I loved Love Letters to the Dead, Anna and the French Kiss and 13 Reasons Why. Those are all traditionally published YA titles though (I’m seeing a trend here). To be honest, I like books that I think are well written and speak to me on some level.
  • If you could spend a day with Drake, what would the two of you do?
    HAHAHAHAHHAHA! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Well, we’d make out a lot. In his car. In my car. In his pool. In his grotto. On the waterslide. Unless within 5 minutes of having a conversation with him he said something stupid or irritating… then we’d do nothing because I’d have left.
  • Okay, I saved the best question for last. What’s your absolute favorite thing about me? Obviously I only like you for your looks…. and your video taking abilities. LOL But honestly, how can I have only one favorite thing about you? You’re the whole package when it comes to humans and I like it all.

That’s sweet, J! You’ll get your check in the mail soon. ;) If you don’t follow J. Sterling on Facebook, you should! She’s hilarious!

For those of you who want a chance at winning a signed copy of this book, all you have to do is comment on this post. Comment with anything. It doesn’t even have to make sense.