Giveaway, Q&A and OH, YEAH! A NEW BOOK!

I guess most of you know about this now. I wanted to release it as a complete surprise on Monday, but alas, the platforms were way faster than we thought and it went up several days early.


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That’s okay, though, because this morning I woke up to it being in the top 100 and I hadn’t even shared it yet! You guys are amazing. Almost as amazing as Kanye West thinks he is.

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding the novella, so I’m going to answer them all here. Right now. And even if you don’t have questions, you should please read these answers anyway, because I said please.

Q: Why is this book not showing up for preorder in the UK?

A: I dunno. But it’ll be live on Monday, so get ready for it!

Q: Is this book appropriate for children or young teens?

A: No. Not at all. It’s from Warren’s point of view, and Warren isn’t appropriate for children or young teens.

Q: Is this book appropriate for Sundae Colletti?

A: I doubt it. Not enough violence.


A: Unfortunately, no. Novellas aren’t huge paperback sellers (mine aren’t, anyway) and when the campaign happened for Finding Cinderella, not many paperbacks were purchased in the end. For that reason, a print run for Maybe Not will not happen. But you don’t need a kindle or nook to read it! You can download the free kindle app to your phone or computer or pig here.

Q: Why did you write this novella?

A: I had just finished Ugly Love and was in a sad funk and wanted something light and fun to write. Warren popped into my head and so I just sat down and wrote it. This book won’t make you cry, because my goal was to keep it light-hearted for my own sanity. I had fun writing it and I hope you have fun reading it.

Q: If we start a Twitter campaign to get Maybe Not into print like we did with Finding Cinderella, will it work?

A: No. I asked.

Q: Why do you keep writing adult-themed books instead of reverting to your roots with something similar to Slammed?

A: I’m an adult, and sometimes not a very good one. So when I write books, I don’t really think about who will be reading them. I just let the characters do what they want, and sometimes they want to do adult things, like say bad words and listen to Nickelback and have “sleepovers.” I do have exciting news about Never Never, which releases in January. That one leans more toward Young Adult than New Adult, so YAY FOR TAME SOMETIMES!

Q: What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

A: Turkey and Dressing.

Q: Why did you choose this particular cover for Maybe Not?

A: Because it’s a bed, and beds insinuate naughty things, and naughty things insinuate that there might be adult themes in the book, and adult themes mean children, young teens and Sundae Colletti shouldn’t read it.

Q: Did you hurt your leg today?

A: As a matter of fact, I did. I ran into a truck hitch and it’s bruised. Thanks for asking, I think I’ll be okay!

Q: Are you going to do some kind of awesome giveaway for Maybe Someday since you announced the book release today?

A: Okay.

Hope that Q&A helps clear up a lot of questions. Hope you guys enjoy the novella and even if you don’t, I hope you guys don’t mind that I said the word hope a little too much in this particular section.


I love to write side stories from my books. If I were to write another side story, who would you want it to be about?

Corbin from Ugly Love.

Ian from Ugly Love.

Brennan from Maybe Someday.

Maggie from Maybe Someday.

Rachel from Ugly Love.

Breckin from Hopeless.

Or anyone else you can think of.

Comment with your answer below to be entered to win a signed copy of Maybe Someday!






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