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This Girl is the final installment in the SLAMMED series.  It is a companion novel to SLAMMED, told from Will’s point of view.

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Losing Hope is a companion novel to HOPELESS, told from Holder’s point of view this time.

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91 thoughts on “eBooks

  1. So happy to share these on twitter. Congratulations on your success and thanks for 2 really great books. Happy writing.

  2. Congrats on S&S, and the whirlwind is here …….!!!!…can you work me in or have you been flung past earth’s gravatational pull…???…Congrats at your moxy, speed, and brilliant manuevering and entry into publishing

  3. Shared your links – so glad I found your books for my Kindle! Loved the story and can’t wait for more!!! Loved how you changed the point of view to Will’s in the 2nd book! Great Job!!

  4. Just posted your links on FB. Thank you for your books. I devoured Slammed and POR in less then 48 hours…fitting in a full day of work some place in there as well! I love them. They kick butterfly!

  5. shared on facebook. i realy realy love these book. im so happy i had the chance to read them, they really are amazing books. congradulations and i cant wait to read more from you.

  6. I bought both books on iBook and I can’t wait for Wills point of view. I’m also because of you a huge Avett brothers fan. Thanks for the great reads and new music xoxo

  7. I read your boils and loved them! I got 2 of my friends to read them and they also loved them so much they referred your books to their friends:) I already left a Barnes and Noble review so I’ll go ahead and put one on amazon!

  8. shared on twitter! i love both books they’re that amazing i’ve re-read 3 times now! cannot wait for the next one! :)

  9. Slammed and Point of Retreat are my FAVORITE books. I can’t seem to find another book that measures up! I hope the third book comes out soon!
    Congraduations on your success Colleen! We want MORE as quickly as possible!

  10. Bought both for my Kindle and finished both within a few days! They are still by sweets for the summer! I am recommending both to all of my teacher friends for book club!

  11. Butterflying amazing! I read both books in a day and a half. I laughed out loud and became a tear stained mess on more than one occasion. I think I might just have to steal “suck and sweet times” at my dinner table. Loved both books!

  12. Hey just wanted to say i really enjoyed reading Slammed and Point of retreat, it was beautifully written, with passion, laughter and a few tears in my eyes from reading it! Thank you : )

  13. Slammed was one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. Can’t wait to start Point of Retreat!! You are my new favorite author.

  14. I love your books and I love the pictures of the boys in the bookstore showing them off. Also I got them home safely today on the big yellow:) Love ya

  15. Your new book Hopless is amazing! I just finished it and I couldn’t stop reading until I did. Your an amazing writer. Pleasee don’t stop writing books!

  16. butterflying awesome. I read the first two books in a day and just decided to check out amazon and see if you had any new books out. Voila, I bought it and can’t wait to read it. The first two were awesome. Thanks for the Great reading.

  17. I finished reading Hopeless tonight and It has been resonating with me all night. This book was a recommendation from Goodreads. Since you are a fairly new author (I don’t want to be rude and just say that I have never heard of you *wink*) , I read many reviews before I purchased this. I feared I would be a bit old to read this book thinking that it would appeal more to the young adult reader considering I am several decades beyond.. I couldn’t have been more happy to be proven so wrong. This story was an incredible story of courage, strength, perseverance, love, and healing. So beautifully written. A story for any generation and gender. Well, I have heard of you now….well done, missy. (Always wanted to call someone that..HA)

  18. Hi Colleen,

    I’m writing a story for IndieReader, and Amy Edelman suggested that I interview you–could you kindly email me? Thanks so much! I sent you an email as well.

  19. Just finished Hopeless, and I am feeling both sad and mad. Sad that it is over, and mad at myself for reading it so quickly. I loved this book, and feel as though I have been going through a state of mourning all day. I love your ability to build the characters that you build, the emotional strength of their connections, and the comical dialogue they carry. I laughed out loud, I cried out loud…this book made my chest ache…thank you. I can hardly wait for your next one.

  20. In the last two and a half days I have read all 3 of your books! I am in awe! Your a fantastic writer of books that had me laughing and crying and feeling every emotion in between. I had to drive 5 hours in a car with my 16 year old daughter Saturday and was sharing Slammed as we drove. Sunday I began reading Point of Retreat but had to switch drivers and so I asked my daughter to read aloud to me while we drove the remaining 3 hours. She was exhausted from playing in a volleyball tournament all day and said she would read me one chapter. I could argue with that. We started out giggling while she read and then he words became almost in audible as she forced herself to continue reading through tears. She was so hooked on the story and characters that she read to me the entire 3 hours! Thank you for giving us some mother daughter time that was amazing! I can’t wait to read anything and everything you write in the future!
    Jacki Kruse

  21. Colleen. I loved hopeless so i got a sample of slammed but when i went to go back and buy it on amazon e books it says its currently unavailable. All the rest of your books are fine. Do you know what going on?

  22. I shared you on facebook. It was impossible to keep to myself how amazing Hopeless was. It has been years since I have been so excited about an author.

  23. I’ve read all three of your books and loved all of them! I have lost sleep reading, wanting to know what will happen next in each story. I am excited to see what comes out next! Congrats to you and thank you!

  24. I love you Colleen and your books! I’ve read every book you’ve written ,and will continue to do so for as long as you keep writing, so PLEASE keep them coming. I had never heard of the Avett Brothers before ,but since reading Slammed I can’t stop listening to their music ,and I have you to blame for that (Thank you).

  25. There have only been two books in my whole life where I had to force my stop reading ever time I was reading it and at the last 30% slowed down so I could make it last longer. Those two books were hopeless and point of retreat. I am in love with the slammed series. When finishing the first book I didn’t know how Colleen Hoover was gonna make it as good in wills pov. Oh, how I was wrong. It couldn’t have been done better. These books have changed my life and I am super bored I am finished with them all. Can’t wait for the third one!! It would be so much if I won the books. That way when ever I wanted to read them again I didn’t have to do it on my iPhone!!

  26. im confused.ive read slammed and point of retreat,which book follows?iv pre ordered hopeless on my kindle is that part of slammed series?please can someone tell me order and release dates of all many thanks

    1. This Girl follows Point of Retreat, it is Will’s POV. the digital edition is out the paper edition comes out in August. Hopeless is out and Loosing Hope (Holder’s POV) will be out later this year but you can pre- order now

  27. I absolutely adored the slammed series, even though it took me a while to understand why it was called slammed. I thought it was because somebody slammed a door, or maybe because Layken and Will slammed the nonexistent door on their nonexistent relationship in the beginning, I don’t know,but back to what matters. The book was: amazing sweet gut-wrenching, and beautifully written. What I am dying to read is Caulder’s story, or Kel’s story, or Kristen’s story, and after reading the books, I am positive my thirst for more of this extraordinary series will not, I repeat, will not be quenched. I understand that nobody will read this since I know when I see long comments such as these my immediate thoughts are “too long” and “what kind of moron would sit down to write all of that? Nobody is going to read it, or even take a second glance at it if not to say ‘wow. So long…'” That probably sounds really weird when you read it, but it made perfect sense in my head. And here’s when I realize that it’s almost one o’clock in the morning, and I can’t name a single person I know who would sit down and write all of this at this hour. Now i know that this must be heart shattering, life altering even, but now I bid you farewell, imaginary readers, for I believe that you will find my run on sentences, read one, if not two of them, and carry on, as if none of this ever happened.

  28. Hi Collen,

    I read your novel “Slammed” and I loved it! Wow. This book was truly and utterly amazing. I read this book in one sitting! Slammed teaches you about what family truly is about and how important love is. Anyway, the poems especially caught my attention and delivered a VERY powerful meaning(s). Each poem made you feel something and related to the book. This book shows you that these very things can happen in reality when you least expect it. The sickness of her mother really brought tears to my eyes. It felt like I was with Lake every step of the way. All in all, I recommend Slammed for anyone willing to indulge themselves in a well-written book that teaches you lessons that will always stick by you :)

    Thank you Colleen!

    Betty Jay

    Romantic Novels

  29. Ive never been a big fan of reading, but i read all five of your books this summer. I finished Losing Hope today and can honestly say i was sad it was over. I didn’t want any of your books to end, but was never able to put them down so they ended too fast! Please write me and all the other people who love your books more things to read! Thank you for writing such real, beautiful stories!

  30. I don’t have any interest reading young adult novels before but when I read Slammed series, I found my book boyfriend for the first time !!!!! it’s no other than Will Cooper. I am really in love with him.Gosh I can’t get over, He’s sooo perfect. Colleen, you’re really ammmaaaaazing!!!!!

  31. I read “Finding Cinderell” yesterday and.. wow!!! It’s such an emotional story. I had to cry. Really! I love your stories! Ive only read Finding Cinderella in english and Slammed or better Weil ich Layken liebe in german. And I love them! Such good stories! You are one of my favourite authors! This book made me think. About love. About my life. I really love them! Thank you for writing this books! Thank you for giving “Finding Cinderella” away for free! I love your books! I’m German but i’ll buy your books in english cause they aren’t published yet in german. Keep on writing! You’re such a good author.

  32. Hi. I am new to your books and so far I really like them! I hoped your web page here would have a better layout of your books though. I am trying to decide which of your books I should buy next.
    Maybe you should think about rearranging your book layout on this site so its a little more enticing.
    With that said, I love your writing style!
    Sherry from Alabama

  33. Hi Colleen,
    I have become a huge fan of your books. I am kind of addicted to your books to a point that I have read most of them in past one month. You have an amazing talent with words. Looking forward to more of your books. Do you have any book signing scheduled in Houston?

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